iPhone X Blueprint Leak Reveals Apple A11 CPU, Dual Speakers & Dual Batteries

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Apple is preparing to release three iPhones this year, one of which is a special edition to mark the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone’s launch. There are rumors that the special edition iPhone will be called the iPhone X but some say it will be called the iPhone 8. A blueprint showing the internal components of the phone leaked recently and the title says iPhone X. We’ll just have to wait till it launches to confirm if its true.

iPhone X Blueprint

The first thing you’ll notice from the blueprint is the dual rear camera design. Unlike that of the iPhone 7 Plus which lies horizontally, this is positioned vertically but still at the top left corner. Next is Apple’s new generation processor, the A11 chip and the full vision display that extends from the top to the bottom. The new chip will sit below the WiFi and SIM module and should offer an improved performance over the Apple A10 Fusion.

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There is also a 3D camera and an infrared biometric scanner at the top of the display. Stereo speakers line the bottom as well as a taptic engine and two 3D touch engines underneath the display. The former will provide force feedback sensations. We can also see there are two batteries in the diagram (yellow and peach areas) and a front mounted fingerprint scanner. How the latter will be incorporated under the full vision display is something we look forward to.

If this leak is genuine, then the Galaxy S8 and S8+ already have a worthy competitor.