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Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 Briefly Appears on Official Website: Sports OLED Display, Snapdragon 660, and ¥1199 ($174) Price Tag

by Habeeb Onawole 22

It has been months now since Xiaomi pulled off the Redmi Pro from its official website. When it happened, we thought they were preparing to launch its successor, the Redmi Pro 2 as there were a number of leaks then, sadly that hasn’t happened yet.

Today, the Redmi Pro 2 was spotted on before it was pulled down. Lucky for us we managed to get a screenshot even though it is missing the image of the phone itself.

Redmi Pro 2

The Redmi Pro 2 is listed as sporting a 5.5-inch OLED display just like the original. It is powered by a Snapdragon 660 which draws power from a 4100mAh battery. Unlike earlier reports that the Redmi Pro 2 won’t have dual cameras, this comes with 16MP dual cameras on the rear, an upgrade from the dual 13MP sensors on the Redmi Pro.

Last but not the least is the price. The Redmi Pro 2 will sell for ¥1199 (~$174), which isn’t too expensive for a phone with an OLED display and dual rear cameras. Although the memory configuration isn’t stated, we want to believe this is a 2GB RAM model.

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Last year’s Redmi Pro started at ¥1499 ($217) for the 3GB + 32GB model with a Helio X20 SoC; ¥1699 ($246) for the 3GB + 64GB model with a Helio X25 processor; and ¥1999 ($290) for the 4GB + 128GB model also with a Helio X25.

We might also be wrong and that’s the price for the 3GB RAM model but we don’t want to raise our hopes too high.

Thanks David Goldbach for the tip.

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  • Pitch

    Nice find, thx!

    • Benjimaestro

      Sorry man, it’s fake. A friend on discord made it and wondered if it’d be accepted if he posted it, and he was right.

      • Soum

        Was it really fake??? ‘cos there’s news about it all over google just citing this very news of gizmochina…

        • Benjimaestro

          Yes, it really was. A friend made it, as a prank on me.

  • Mr. Viscous

    If this is true, I’m gonna have to say goodbye to my redmi note 4x even though I bought it like 2 weeks ago.

    • Benjimaestro

      It’s not true.

      • Mr. Viscous

        really? that’s a bummer. was hoping the pro 2 wouldn’t have a shitty p25 instead of a sd 660.

  • Wolvie

    Only if really using SD660 then it is worth to buy Redmi Pro 2

    Redmi Note 4 (Both mediatek and SD625) were Major disappointment.
    Hopefully Mi Max 2 will also using SD660


      Why was Redmi Note 4 a disappointment?

      • Pitch

        I guess it is because of GPU.

      • Benjimaestro

        downgrade from RN3P

        • divis200

          It was actually an upgrade. If you didn’t even use the device, don’t talk sh*t about it.

          • Zero

            I had it and have the Redmi Note 3… it was not an upgrade. Was a Sidegrade.

            Dinasty Warriors lagged HARD on the RMN4 while the RMN3 was not lagging that hard.

          • Benjimaestro

            Lol how was it? Weaker CPU puts it as a sidegrade at best for me.

          • divis200

            It isn’t weaker. What are you smoking?

          • Benjimaestro

            Erm… The SD625 from the Redmi Note 4 is certainly weaker than the SD650 in the RN3P

          • divis200

            Redmi note 4 I’m thinking of is using helio x20

    • Prince tom

      Same hope here


      If you ever let a chance to use the remi note 4 sd625 version, you’ll know how much the quality of diaplay and camera has increased apart from a slightly low end gpu.

      • Ayush kumar

        Are u joking 😊 My both RN3 and Rn4 have same display BOE NT35532 , 100% same even service center coast same for both so from where the fuxx they became different in quality 4 u ?

  • Ayush kumar

    I don’t think SD660 going to priced so cheap with Dual 16mp expect atleast 1499 yuan

  • Muhammad Yasir