Snapdragon 845 Will Feature ARM’s New Cortex-A75 and A55 Cores

by Habeeb Onawole 1

There are just a handful of Snapdragon 835 powered smartphones in the market at the moment but Qualcomm is already working on a successor. The Snapdragon 835 is an impressive chipset but the Snapdragon 845 is bent on pushing performance further. To do that, it will be sporting some brand new cores.


The Snapdragon 835 is an octa-core processor built on the 10nm node design. New leaks have revealed that the Snapdragon 845 will be built on the same 10nm design. However, the difference between both chips lies in their CPU cores.

Cortex-A75 Cores

Unlike the SD835 that uses eight Kryo 280 cores, the Snapdragon 845 will feature ARM’s new Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 cores in a BIG.Little configuration.

The question now is how powerful are the new A75 and A55 cores? The info provided says the A75 will provide an improvement in performance greater than 20% over the Cortex-A73 and about 40% over the Cortex-A72. For power consumption, the A75 will maintain the same performance as the A73.

The new core A75 was compared against the A73 on various benchmarking tools and we can see how well it trumps the A73 on Geekbench v4. The A75 will have a maximum clock speed of 3GHz, a 200MHz increase over the A73’s 2.8GHz which should translate to improved single and multi-thread performance.


Cortex A55 Cores

Now heading to the power efficiency cores, the Cortex-A55 will provide up to 2 times more performance over the A53 and will see improvements up to 15% in power efficiency.

The Cortex-A55 still has a couple of new tricks under its sleeve. Up till this moment, you could only pack up to 4 cores in a single cluster. However, that changes now. The A55 can be packed in a cluster of 8 cores. So processors like the SD625 which contain 8 Core-A53 cores in two clusters of 4, can now become a single cluster with the A55 for even way better battery life or 16 cores packed in two clusters. We are sure MediaTek will be pretty excited with this new development.

The Cortex A55 was also benchmarked and the results were compared against the A53 and the results speaks in favor of the A55.

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The Snapdragon 845 is expected to offer up to 30% improvement in single-core threading and 70% increase in multi-core threading. The Snapdragon 845 may be announced at the end of this year but it may not show up in devices until next year.

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