Samsung Announces Chip Production Plan From 10nm to 4nm

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The flagship processors this year from Samsung and Qualcomm are built on the 10nm node design. The process has been shrinking over time and will continue to do so, so far Moore’s law is still in use.

Samsung has announced a road-map for the future and it stops at the 4nm process. That’s a massive reduction from where we are now. The announcement was made at a Samsung Foundry Forum where Samsung said its next focus is on 8nm chips. The 8nm chips will be built using its Low Power Plus process.

Samsung Exynos chip

For the 7nm chips, Samsung will use Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography to etch the circuit design on the silicon wafer. Samsung’s 6nm LPP process will use a new Smart Scaling solution that will allow for ultra-low power benefits before moving to its 5nm LPP process.

The FinFET architecture will be ditched when Samsung arrives at its 4nm LPP process. In its place will be a new architecture called Multi Bridge Channel FET which is Samsung’s Gate All Round FET technology that overcomes the performance and physical scaling limits of FinFET.

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Arriving at its 4nm target isn’t going to be easy and will definitely not be soon. However, the end result is that phones will become faster and will require less energy to do so.