Mijia’s Next Crowdfunding Is A Quick Drying Sports Bra and Shorts

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi’s Mijia crowdfunding platform has two products launching tomorrow. Based on the posters provided on the Mijia platform, the first product is still pretty much unknown but has a circular shape and said to be “easy to use”. The second product seems to be sports apparels that are designed to be quick drying and made from double woven yarn.

One of the posters is a sports bra for women and the other is a pair of shorts. Both clothes are designed to help absorb and dry off sweat quickly.

Amazfit Sports T-Shirt


Sources say the sports bra and shorts may be made from the same fabric as the Amazfit Sports T-Shirt released this year. The double-layer shirt uses a drying technology that moves sweat from the inner layer to the outer layer, thereby preventing the fabric from sticking to the body and saving one the discomfort that comes with sticky clothes.

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The new sports clothes will be launched tomorrow at 10:00 am. When it does, we should have more details including pricing and availability.