OnePlus 5 Camera Is As Good As The Galaxy S8 Reveals Chinese Blogger With The Phone

by Jed John 0

OnePlus’ upcoming flagship is tipped to launch this month and as if to lend credence to that speculation (which may be true), leaks and details of the OnePlus 5 continue to hit the stands every now and then. CEO Liu Zuotu, who seems to be the main leak source for the OP5, recently shared a screenshot of the device running Hydrogen OS which is the custom ROM for the China version. Also recently, we brought you details of OnePlus’ intention to select 10 reviewers who would test the OnePlus 5’s cameraOnePlus 5

OnePlus may have selected the 10 reviewers already because we have spotted a tech blogger on Weibo who shared some details of the camera. Weibo usually identifies the device a user is blogging with and in this case, the blogger was shown to be using the not yet launched OnePlus 5, meaning he’s likely one of the testers. OnePlus has been teasing the OP5’s camera prowess and the user agrees that the flagship packs a powerful camera which he likened to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

oneplus 5

The OnePlus 5 user did not reveal if the device utilises a dual camera setup or not since the Galaxy S8 doesn’t have dual cameras. But another popular tipster pointed out that we should refer to the iPhone 7 Plus for the double shot layout of the OnePlus flagship. The iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s latest and first dual camera phone with a wide angle and telephoto sensors. The OnePlus 5 is rumored to come with a similar configuration.

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Other rumoured details of the OP5 includes a Snapdragon 835 chip, 6GB of RAM, front fingerprint sensor, and lots more. The device is rumoured to launch precisely on June 15, that is just 10 days away. Do you think that is possible?

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