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The Xiaomi Jason May Launch As The Xiaomi Mi 6X With A Possible ¥1999 (~$295) Tag

by Habeeb Onawole 14

A fortnight ago, a phone by the name “Xiaomi Jason” was seen on benchmarking site, GFXBench. The device boasts an interesting combination of features that comfortably puts it in the top tier mid-range category. Xiaomi hasn’t said anything about a new mid-range phone but new reports say the phone may launch as the Xiaomi Mi 6X.

Xiaomi Jason or Mi 6X
The Xiaomi Jason May Launch as Mi 6X

Although Xiaomi’s CEO had initially debunked tales of a “Youth Version” of the Mi 6, the appearance of the Snapdragon 660-powered device says otherwise. OPPO is preparing to launch the OPPO R11 this week, the first Snapdragon 660 smartphone in the world, and other manufacturers surely wouldn’t want to be left out of the mid-range race.

The Xiaomi Mi 6X, apart from featuring a Snapdragon 660 chip will have a 4MP front camera and a 12MP shooter on the back. Like the base variant of the Mi 6, it will have 6GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage and will be priced around ¥1999 (~$295).

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The Mi 6X is slated for an August release. That’s still a while from now and there is a chance other SD660 phones would have been released by then. There is also a possibility, Xiaomi may decide to release the Mi 6X with its Surge S2 processor, probably as another variant.

The above info hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we advise you take it with a pinch of salt.


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  • Guaire

    Xiaomi bumped base price of the 1999 yuan flagship by 25% with the Mi6. Chinese Xiaomi fans used to be getting top Snapdragon from that price. For the same amount of money Mi5s was available, but I see now it discontinued. Chopping the chip and adding extra 2GB RAM must be a joke. 4GB is more than enough for the base model. Xiaomi has always been bragged about selling at near cost. I can’t see 500 yuan extra cost in the Mi6. Instead switching to OLED and improving the main camera to the top level they added a secondary camera and dual speaker and bumped the RAM to 6GB and turned to the fragile and fingerprint magnet back glass again. Not to mention the bezels.

    Maybe they will try 2999 yuan with the Mi7.

    • Patrick

      Hi Guaire, I am trying to make the right decision here regarding a phone purchase. I am deeply hesitating between the MI5S (the dark grey version) and the Redmi Note 4 Global Edition. I never had an android phone until now, I was using an old Blackberry device which is not working anymore. The MI5S 3GB/64GB is sold at 245€ on Banggood and the RN4 3GB/32GB at 135€. I know that new phones will be released in coming weeks and months but I need a new phone desperately. I am not really a power user. In a daily basis, I will mainly use the phone for the following tasks: calls, web, take pictures, play a few games like FIFA. The RN4 will be more than enough for my needs but I am concerned by its durability. I mean that I don’t see myself changing phone every 3-4 months. The MI6 seems to be a great device but it is too expensive for me. Nubia Z17 is another killer device which is way better than the MI6 but right now it is sold with a high markup. Your help is welcome!

      • Guaire

        You don’t need the Mi6.

        Redmi Note 4 has better battery life, supports LTE band 20 and have better audio output with headphones.

        Mi5s is better at everything else. Gaming, camera, display etc. I would pick the Mi5s over RN4 any day unless the cost difference was a big deal.

        I take it you don’t mean durability to damages. Any electronic device may fail. Statistically some small percentage of them always do. That’s where the warranty come into play. Xiaomi doesn’t have a bad reputation.

        • Patrick

          Thank you for your honest reply. You are right both phones have advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, I have used the wrong word in my previous message, I meant longevity (instead I used the word durability) of both phones. I really want to keep the phone for at least a year. I think that I will go for the MI5S even if the battery life on RN4 is way better. Peace.

          • Guaire

            I think you can use it 3-4 years easily.

          • Patrick

            Thank you for the help!

    • z4ck

      Unfortunately, Xiaomi has a big financial problem. It’s due to the huge dive in sales, especially in China. The sales volume decreased in china because xiaomi made less effort in marketing than other companies such as oppo and huawei. But that was why xiaomi was able to sell very good phones in a low price. And today xiaomi began to open much more “xiaomi store” to improve the situation. So they need more money for a while, I guess.

      • Guaire

        They are distracted with gadgets IMO. Also they screwed up global expansion.

        The Mix was an awesome concept, but build materials was fragile and rendered it expensive and hard to manufacture in large volumes.

        With some small changes on same concept they could make the Mi6 a smaller, cheaper and much more durable to accidents. It would be a huge hit.

        • Patrick

          Hi Guaire, what kind of phone are you using at the moment?

          • Guaire

            LG G2.

          • Patrick

            One of the best phone made by LG, I was planning to get one in the past but went for a cheaper phone. I have read some reviews for the MI5S, it seems that a lot of people are complaining about the fingerprint scanner, build quality for the volume buttons and battery life. However, with software updates the fingerprint issue has been resolved (it is working better). Some buyers have the issue with the volume buttons and some don’t have the build quality issue with the volume buttons (they make noise when pressing them). With coupons, I could get the MI5S on Ibuygou for 259€. Banggood is currently selling it at 245€. I heard that sellers like Banggood, Geekbuying or Gearbest are selling faulty phones. I don’t know if it is true. Should I get the MI5S on Ibuygou (a well known seller) in order to avoid a faulty phone?

          • Guaire

            Frankly I don’t know too. In my country individually importing mobile phones from online channels is illegal. Here we can get them either from smugglers or from grey market.

          • Patrick

            Alright, I was a bit worried after seeing a few videos on Youtube from users who got faulty phones ordered on Banggood. I suggest that they haven’t been lucky regarding their purchase. Moreover the price difference is not huge between Ibuygou and Banggood (14€) so that’s not fair to conclude that Banggood is selling faulty phones. Like you said below, any electronic device may fail. I shouldn’t worry a lot. Peace!

          • z4ck

            Hi Patrick, I don’t know about banggood and Mi5S but I am using Mi5 bought at aliexpress and it’s pretty nice. If the phone you buy has problems, aliexpress accepts refunds. And there is no fingerprint problem in mi5. It’s a great phone.