Xiaomi Mi Max 2 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera Comparison: Does Same Sensor Ensure Similar Camera Performance?

by Joel 5

Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 a few days ago in China. Apart from the processor inside, the phone got some decent upgrades in the camera and battery department. Since Snapdragon 625 inside the Mi Max 2 isn’t going to turn any heads, our focus is on the camera on the smartphone. The Xiaomi phablet has the same Sony IMX386 sensor as the Xiaomi Mi 6 at the back, so it’s definitely interesting to see whether the performance is as good as the dual camera equipped flagship.

Mi Max 2 Camera featured

We recently got our hands on the Mi Max 2 and the first thing we did was to compare the pictures taken on the phone along with the ones taken from the Mi 6. Before we head on to the detailed picture by picture comparison, note that the Mi Max 2 has similar performance to the Xiaomi Mi 6 but only under certain conditions. The phone’s IMx386 sensor can stand on its own as a pretty good camera but it may not be as good as the Mi 6 in low light situations.

What we can see from the images below is that the Mi Max 2 manages to keep up with the Mi 6 in places where there’s pretty good lighting. The Mi 6’s samples come out warmer and lively, while the Mi Max 2 manages to take a decent amount of detail with deeper blues and greens. That’s why the photos taken from the Mi Max 2 come out a bit darker. In terms of details, owing to the same sensor inside, both capture a¬†similar amount of details in the pictures. Most of the times, the warmer color shade from the Mi 6 might look a bit better but there are a few instances, like the image of the rock sculpture where Mi Max 2’s sample looks more natural. The lack of OIS is evident in the images, as even a slight shake would result in blurry photos. You can actually see the difference of OIS in the closeup portrait image of the guy in the parking lot. Here, Mi 6 shines with its dual cameras and 4-axis OIS while the Mi Max 2 struggles to take a good picture.

mi max 2 vs mi 6
Mi 6 on the left vs Mi Max 2 on the right

The difference in the performance of the two phones is more evident in low light and artificial lighting conditions, wherein the Mi 6 seems to take better photos than the Mi Max 2. Also, the Mi 6 is faster than the Max 2 in focusing and capturing the images.

But if we were to judge the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 by itself, then it definitely has a good camera at the back, even better than last year’s Mi Max model.

What do you think?

Just check out the images down below to see how the samples compare. The Xiaomi Mi 6 samples have watermark while the ones from the Mi Max 2 don’t. That’s how you identify the phone used to capture the sample.