Beautiful OnePlus 5 Wallpapers Leaked {Download Here}

by Jed John 0

It is becoming clearer by the day that Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus will soon launch the OnePlus 5 flagship. Previously, the device was leaked as launching on June 15 but a more recent leak tips the OnePlus 5 as coming on June 20. Ahead of its impending launch, OnePlus 5 wallpapers have been released for fans of the brand to download and have a feel before the device drops.

The Plus 5 wallpapers were said to have  popped up in a OnePlus forum online and were added recently. They are quite different from the ones added when the midnight black edition of theOnePlus 3T was added, hence the suggestion that the wallpapers are for the OnePlus 5. The designs of the wallpapers are abstract and consistent with previous wallpaper style. Unfortunately, there are no information embedded on the leaked wallpapers from which we could scoop the EXIF data.

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However, OnePlus 5’s main leakster Liu Zuotu earlier shared screenshots of the OP5 which was revealed through the image’s EXIF data to still be a Full HD resolution. You can check out more of the wallpapers from down below and if you wish to download the OnePlus 5 wallpapers, they are available here.

Oneplus 5 wallpapersOneplus 5