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Apple A10X Fusion AnTuTu Score Is Mind blowing

by Jed John 7

Apple’s latest A10X Fusion System-on-Chip which featured on the recently released iPad Pro was spotted on GeekBench database recently with an amazing multi-core score. The new A10X Fusion propelled the iPad Pro to score a whopping 9091 points on the multi-core test which is way over what the iPhone 7 Plus fueled by an Apple A10 chip. Just in case you are not convinced, AnTuTu has now revealed its own benchmark result for the iPad Pro and its A10 Fusion chip.

The A10X Fusion chip uses a different architecture from the A10. While the A10 Fusion uses a quad-core architecture, the A10X Fusion comes with an hexa-core architecture but the exact configuration of the cores is still unknown. Despite not knowing the cores, the A10X Fusion seems to have an edge due to the higher number of cores.

On the AnTuTu score, the A10X Fusion proves to be an extremely powerful chip as it surpassed the 200,000 mark. It precisely polled 234000 points on the single run sub-score. This is the first time an Apple chip is exceeding 200,000 points as the highest they have gotten is 180,000 back in May.Apple A10X Fuson AnTutu

The new chip Apple A10X Fusion overall performance advantage is also visible on the individual test score. On the 3D performance, Apple A10X Fusion reached 93546 points, approaching 100,000; mononuclear properties test produced a 21,280 points score, multi-core performance 19,941 points etc.

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The A10X’s performance clearly shows that we should brace up for a super powerful A11 chip for the iPhone 8. That is still a couple of months away.


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  • Coolio

    Impressive, – so what can ARM do now?! Is an A75 enough for end of the year?

    • Rudra Bhatt

      They gave mostly minor improvements over A73 and A53. They need to step up their game now.

  • Saku

    Well, Apple officially wins the SoC game now with this A10x by a fine margin.

  • Zero

    And we are not talking on A11… Geekbench shows up that is already superior to A10X….

    • Duel

      Every year iPad has been more powerful than iPhone, iPhone is always underclocked because the device is so small and it can’t get hot so it can’t use all that power.

      • Thinker

        But, A10 in iPhone beats A9X in iPad PRO. A9 in iPhone 6s beats A8X in Air 2.

        So, iPhone 8 A11 will likely be (slightly) better than A10x.

        • Guy Roland

          A10 maybe is more powerfull than A9X in cpu but in no way it’s gpu can outperform A9X one.