Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector Officially Announced: 150 Inches of Theatre-like Experience

by Jed John 11

Xiaomi has announced what could be termed its 2017 flagship product under the MIJIA brand and it turns out to be a Laser projector that can be used as a TV at home. The product is christened Mi Laser Projector and it presents with an expansive 150-inch display size. The product was unveiled during the Xiaomi MIJIA annual conference held today in Beijing. The idea of a cost-effective Laser projector was born out of the discovery of a fancy Laser Projection TV by Xiaomi’s VP Liu De priced at 100,000 Yuan. The unaffordability of the product was what spurred the tech giant to venture into its own research and development of an affordable laser projector.mijia laser projection tv

The Mi Laser Projector comes with a 0.233:1 large depth of field and has an ultra-short focal lens design. The projector screen can be placed in the TV cabinet with the size adjusted to fit in. The wall can also be used as the screen and so, it does not occupy too much indoor space. The design also eliminates the cumbersome problem of wires scattered everywhere. The Laser projector itself only needs to be placed 50cm away from the wall in order to deliver 150-inch screen projection. You don’t need to manually focus the lens as it fine tunes itself.Mi Laser Projector

Xiaomi claims the laser light inside the projector has a shelve life of 25,0000 hours. That translates to up to 34 years usage if the projector is used for 2 hours daily. A daily usage of up to 4hours can still guarantee up to 17 years of usage, meaning the laser is ultra-durable and long lasting. The projector’s two core technologies are the light source technology manufactured by the Light Peak photoelectric company while the imaging technology chip in use was made by Texas Instruments and Guangfeng photoelectric custom R&D.Mi Laser Projector

Picture quality is assured as a result of the use of advanced laser fluorescence display technology (ALPD 3.0). The projector provides a red light ratio of 16% to 18%, wide color gamut, color quasi, with contrast comparable to the laser studio 3000: 1 screen contrast. The light source brightness can reach up to 5000 lumens which is of theater screen level. The projector also diffuses its direct light source, allowing for more eye protection.Mi Laser Projector

For the sound, quality sound is assured through the use of Xiaomi TV’s custom speaker system with built-in high-power, dual full-frequency and dual high-frequency high-fidelity speakers. The sound system supports three kinds of external audio. The Mi Laser 150″ projector is capable of providing theatre-level audio-visuals right in the comfort of the sitting room. Mi Laser Projector

In addition, the Mi Laser Projector also comes built-in with all the content available on the Xiaomi Mi TV. The Laser projector has its own remote control which supports the Xiaomi universal remote control app. That means the Xiaomi universal smart remote can be used to operate the sophisticated device.Mi Laser Projector

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Now, to the most interesting aspect, the price. The Mi Laser Projection TV will sell for 9999 Yuan ($1,470). That is a fairly decent price tag which is far cheaper than Samsung’s most expensive The Frame smart TV models with prices ranging from $1,999 for the 55-inch model to $2,799 for the 65-inch model. The Mi Laser TV will go on sale on July 4 via Xiaomi Mall, and MIJIA app. Outside China, the projector is only available via online retailers like GearBest and LightInTheBox and it is priced at around $2,000.Mi Laser ProjectorMi Laser ProjectorMi Laser Projector

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