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Meizu Pro 7 Renders Leak, Encased in Red & Black-Colored Protective Shell

by Jed John 4

Over the past few days, we have been treated on several occasions with leaked renders of Meizu‘s expected Pro 7 flagship. The leaked renders have all been consistent in showcasing the design the device will come with. The leaked renders are still streaming in, this time around we have got multiple renders of the Meizu Pro 7 which seems to have been produced by a Chinese protective case maker. The protective casing comes in red and black colours. Meizu Pro 7

The renders were shared by a Chinese tipster on Weibo and it shows the protective shell was custom-made for the Pro 7. The case is touted to offer 360-degree protection, that is all sides of the device will be adequately protected. While we have seen almost all that the Pro 7 has to offer in terms of design, these leaked render answers some minor questions yet to be attended to. One of such is the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack on the Pro 7. The power button has a roughened surface which will likely be to help differentiate it from the volume rockers. You may want to ask if that is relevant. Well, it is for people like me who sometimes gets confused in the dark which of the button does what.Meizu Pro 7

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The renders also reveal the likelihood of a USB Type-C port featuring on the Pro 7. The secondary display and rear dual cameras are also visible at the rear and up front, the disappointing large bezels are unfortunate additions we’ll have to deal with on the Pro 7. You can check out some more photos of the Meizu Pro 7 encased in attractive red and black plastic protective shell from below.

(source)Meizu Pro 7Meizu Pro 7Meizu Pro 7Meizu Pro 7Meizu Pro 7meizu pro 7

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  • Now you frame your selfies with the high-quality rear camera.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      elaborate ?

      • Well, the rear camera is always higher quality than the frontfacing one that has to be crammed in a tight space and is mostly used for selfies. You can take selfies with the rear camera, but you won’t see the shutter button (you can use a bluetooth trigger of course), so that’s fiddly and of course, you’re looking at the rear of the phone… which usually is… without a screen, so you’d have to guess your framing/composition. What this display allows, is not only to have a tiny convenient preview of a couple of things, but also have basic framing a little preview windows with livefeed. Or, a couple of Samsung cameras used to have this, when you’re taking photographs of children, it’s always hard to draw their attention, so Samsung would have cameras with a display on the front where you would be able to show a picture of a duck or a smiley for example for kids to look at.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          that is … quite nifty !

          can’t wait for the Pro 7 and similar phones !