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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Launching Soon? Leaked Shot of its Package Has Surfaced

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 3

Xiaomi is rumored to be working on Redmi Note 5 phablet. In the past week, the alleged specs and photos were through an unofficial source. Today, a leaked photo showing the several packages of a phone called Note 5A has surfaced.

In the previous year, Xiaomi had released Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime smartphones. Among these, the Redmi 4A came with the lowest specs compared to the other two models. The newly leaked image shows that the boxes belong to the alleged Redmi Note 5A smartphone. The boxes are red in color and has a Mi logo placed at the right corner.

The Redmi Note 5A may debut as a lower version of the Redmi Note 5. However, nothing is known on the specifications and features of the alleged Redmi Note 5A. The Redmi 4A came with a plastic body and a smaller battery compared to Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Prime smartphones. Hence, the purported Redmi Note 5A is speculated to feature a polycarbonate body and a smaller battery than the Redmi Note 5. Also, the Redmi Note 5A may come with an affordable pricing than the Note 5.

In the previous week, the Redmi Note 5 specifications, features and pricing were revealed by a Weibo user. Even though it revealed all the information about the Redmi Note 5, the images on the page appeared to be a creation of a Xiaomi fan. Hence, the Redmi Note 5 information that was revealed cannot be completely trusted.

The above images show that the Redmi Note 5A would be arriving with a full HD screen of 5.5 inches and the Snapdragon 630 chipset will be fueling the phablet. The screen would be coupled with slimmer bezels on its sides. Hence, the Redmi Note 5 may come out as the first Xiaomi phone with Snapdragon 630 chipset. The lower edition Redmi Note 5A may not feature this chipset.

For photography, the Redmi Note 5 would be featuring a f/2.0 Sony Exmor 16-megapixel sensor on the rear side. The front panel is expected to feature a f/2.0 Sony Exmor 13-megapixel selfie camera. The rear-facing camera is expected to carry 4K video recording and impressive low-light photography support. The thickness of Redmi Note 4 is 8.5mm. However, in a bid to reduce the slimness of the Redmi Note 5 to 8 mm, the phablet may house a smaller battery of 3,790mAh battery. It will come loaded with Android 7.1.1 Nougat overlaid with MIUI 9.

It is expected to come in models such as 3 GB + 32 GB, 4 GB + 32 GB and 4 GB + 64 GB. The 4 GB RAM variants are speculated to cost around $200 and $220, respectively.

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  • Zero

    Why I feel that the following lineup of the 5th generation of Redmi will go as follows?

    – Redmi 5A: Snapdragon 435 – Will come on announcement by August (typical date of these devices)
    – Redmi 5: Snapdragon 450 – Will come on October
    – Redmi 5 Prime: Snapdragon 630 – Will come on announcement by August
    – Redmi Note 5A: Snapdragon 630 – Will come on announcement by July
    – Redmi Note 5: Snapdragon 660 – Will come by September
    – Redmi Pro 2: Snapdragon 660, Dual Camera, 6GB RAM?, NFC? – Will come by September

  • Taimoor

    Your post is too much confusing try to make it precise so someone can easily understand what are you talking about. Your heading is saying something else and your text is defining something else.

  • Flipp0

    Typo: “The thickness of Redmi Note 4 is 7.5mm. However, in a bid to reduce the slimness of the Redmi Note 5 to 8 mm”. Note 4 is 8.5 mm thick. Note 5 is rumored to be 7.5 mm thick.