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Mediatek Says The Helio X30 Is For Gamers

by Habeeb Onawole 30

As the days roll towards the launch of the first Helio X30 smartphone, the Meizu Pro7, Mediatek has taken to advertising the key features of its most powerful processor.

A post made via the chip maker’s official Weibo account highlights one major feature of the 10nm SoC which is gaming. According to Mediatek, the Helio X30 supports LPDDR4X RAM.

Helio X30

LPDDR4X allows the use of memories with higher clockspeeds but with better power efficiency. The new memory standard has a 40% voltage reduction (1.1V to 0.6V) allowing data to be sent and received at improved speeds but without draining much power.

The Helio X30 also supports UFS 2.0 and UFS 2.1. Phones with any of these storage types have faster read and write speeds compared to eMMC.

The Helio X30 is a 10nm deca-core chip clocked at 2.5GHz. It supports dual cameras, a feature present in the upcoming Meizu Pro7 and has a PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 as its GPU.

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Meizu’s official Weibo account quoted the original post with a statement that loosely translates to focus on “game players”. So if you enjoy mobile gaming, you may want to take a look at the Pro7 when it launches.




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  • Assefa Hanson

    waiting on mediatek nah sayers to come in here talking about poor gps, it being worse than a SD617 etc etc

    • meh…

      I’ve always hoped MT will do something awesome. I’m just waiting to see a real OEM like Samsung, HTC, Sony, BlackBerry, etc make a flagship with a good MT CPU. I’d get an X30 BlackBerry Priv successor.

    • Sansa

      Nah, we just come here to say how crap it’s the mobile signal when going from antenna to another antenna (driving) plus, we also say how crap it is to have the data connection fail when you turn on bluetooth. Meditek may satisgy the antutu monkeys for a while, but sooner or later, people realize how it sucks on daily operations.

      I don’t like how Qualcomm is dominating and creating a monopoly, but their are indeed the best chip.

      • Plumplum

        Antutu 6 was designed for Snapdragon 820, modifications between v5 and v6 are crazy…so Antutu monkeys probably prefer snapdragon
        Give 60k points to GPU on short test that nearly involved only texturing not geometry and cpu+GPU usage.
        Totaly forget multi-threaded CPU performance.

        Problem may comes from oem…
        I’ve Seen old 6582 that hasn’t problem with data connections when bluetooth is on (see it on older 6577)

        • Sansa

          Data connection goes down when bluetooth is turned on, then it goes good, unless i’m driving, in that case, data connection is on/off a lot. Annoying. My next phone will be a SD. I have a Leeco le 2.

          • Jh1

            I’m no expert, but it may be a software bug more than the SoC causing your issues. I’ve used mtk6752, mtk6753 and Helio p10 (currently using a meizu m5 note) equipped phones with no such issues. I also have experience with SD 820, SD 808 , SD 801 and SD 625 phones. Data connection speed and reliability has been very consistent on all. With that being said, my personal favorite of those is the SD 625. Plenty of power for my needs and excellent battery life. Sorry to hear about your poor experience with your current phone though.

          • Sansa

            Not saying that data connection goes permanently off when turning on bluetooth, but it sure goes down. And as far i as i know, this is a typical problem with mediatek.

          • Plumplum

            Leeco Le 2…Helio X20? I have it on Vernee Apollo Lite…I haven’t the problem.

            Had to enter correctly the APN on first launch.

            That’s devices made for chineese market…in others countries you can sometime experiment strange things

      • Assefa Hanson

        i think there is a mirror in your mouth because its qualcomm that satisfies the antutu monkeys and all synthetic benchmark monkeys

        • Sansa

          It’s the phone companies themselves that make nasty stuff to up the benchmarks, not QC. Them monkeys keep buying mediatek because it’s cheap and gives decent antutu results (not anymore tough). When i bought my Le 1, i had to wait months till they fixed the GPS for good. This was a mediatek bug and not Leeco’s.

          Again, no wonder meditek is having their chips getting rotten in the warehouse without anyone buying them. QC won the fight.

          • Assefa Hanson

            The year the l1 came out we had the sd810 and to this day those phones over heat should I follow you and say QC socs have bad thermals, it’s alright that you think they won the fight but just remember you’ve never even seen tomorrow much less years ahead

          • Sansa

            Of course, one should never say stuff it’s forever, but right now, can’t see anyone beating qualcomm in a nearby future.

          • Plumplum

            This is Leeco bug…if you’re not able to root and set gps configuration, you should buy a phone in your own country!
            You say it yourself : they fixe it…if it was an hardware problem from Mediatek, nobody can fix it

            Gps are ok since mt6582…
            Some devices have horrible gps but that’s not due to Mediatek…
            On Zopo zp998, gps is horrible due to a shitty antenna for exemple…some other phones with mt6592 are very good (Xiaomi redmi note for exemple).

          • Sansa

            Plum, is this case, it was a bug in software indeed, but in Mediatek’s driver’s, not Leeco’s fault. Other brands had the same problem.

          • Plumplum

            Friend with Xperia M5 with X10 hasn’t problem at all with GPS.

    • Wolvie

      Don’t get me wrong,

      I DO HATE qualcomm for their un-fair greedy practice with their license patents but *heavy sighing* so far i never see real competition that even close to Qualcomm price and performance ratio.

      Again what i mentioned above was price and performance ratio !!!!

      I know Mediatek equipped gadgets normally selling cheaply last time but nowadays if you ever notice, a lot of qualcomm equipped gadget already selling even cheaper than its mediatek counterpart so i is really hard to choose Mediatek.

  • Zero

    Stop Mediatek. Where are the benchmarks?

    • z4ck

      It’s not surprising if HelioX30 has a good gaming performance. 7XTP is what in A10 Fusion, and we all know about its great benchmarks scores. It’s true that the difference between iOS and Android is huge, But the HelioX30’s graphic performance cannot be too much lower than A10 Fusion logically.

      • Plumplum

        X30 will probably be between A9 and A10, as Mediatek insist on sustained performances it could even be a little better due to 10nm…but that’s not sure

        There’s not a real difference between iOS and Android.
        Unfortunately it’s difficult now to find close hardware…
        In the past you could find some.

        When Apple A5 use standard Cortex A9…CPU performances weren’t better than other dual-core A9 on Android. It was funny to see a 150dollars chinese device with a mt6577 beat an iPhone 4s on geekbench or on a JavaScript test! (When GPU is a crap on 6577)
        Or when A5 use powerVR543mp2 at 200mhz and Intel Z2560 use 544mp2 at 400mhz…framerate was double on Intel!
        Most 3D benchmarks use opengl…it could be different if they use Metal.
        Since Apple A7, hardware is fantastic on iphone

        • z4ck

          type “iphone4s antutu” in google image search and then type “mt6577 antutu” and you will see the difference. The difference is huge especially in graphics and UX

          • Plumplum

            I said GPU is crap on mt6577…powervr531 vs 543mp2, no surprise!
            I talk about geekbench and JavaScript because only CPU is involved…
            And CPU is dual-core Cortex A9 on both Apple A5 (800mhz) and mt6577 (1ghz).
            Same hardware, comparison is meaningfull

            Antutu tests graphics and ux, GPU is too much involved…different hardware, comparison means nothing

            Same with Intel Z2560 as PowerVR 543 and 544 are basicly the same GPU, you could compare 3D benchmarks (and not CPU because CPU are differents)

        • MaxPower

          There’s not a real difference between iOS and Android?????

          • Plumplum

            I speak about performances…
            The idea is Apple = great optimisation
            Android = shitty optimisation
            That’s a stupid idea…Android engineers aren’t idiots!!!

            When you compare old devices on which some parts of hardware is the same, it’s obviously wrong…
            Go and compare CPU on Apple A5 and mt6577 because of the same dual-core Cortex A9
            Go and compare GPU on Apple A5 and Intel Z2560 because of the same PowerVR 543/544mp2
            Calculate the frequencies différence and you will see…

            Since Apple A6 it became impossible to compare CPU

            Apple it’s powerfull soc since Apple A7…better than what we found on Android

          • MaxPower

            Let me guess… You’re comparing a SoC released in 2011,manufactured on 45nm and clocked at 0.8 GHz to a SoC released in 2012 manufactured on 40nm and clocked at 1 GHz. Am I correct?

            Why don’t you compare the MT6577 and the A5 clocked at 1 GHz and manufactured at 32nm (apl7498) and see which one is the winner?

            The problem of benchmarks junkies is that they lose touch with reality.
            You can’t compare an iPad 2 with a crappy MT6577 Chinese phone (I owned several of them) in term of daily usage.

            Ask someone how many times you had to remove the battery during the day because the phone was completely frozen…

          • Plumplum

            Geekbench 3 (no results for mt6577 on geekbench 4)

            Micromax A101 : 287/516 (40nm)
            iPad mini : 260/493 (32nm)

            The problem of mt6577 is the old powervr531, over a 800×480 screen, GPU is too weak…not only in game but in UI too.
            Elsewhere, multitasking on Android 4.0.4 (or strange 4.0.9?!?! On haipai x710d) works better than a 4s under iOS 7 (iOS 6 isn’t a real multitasking système)

            I use an Haipai x710d during 18 months, I switch it off less than 10 times (or maybe 5)
            Problem with chineese ODM is sometime rom with bloatwares…have to root and clean the device (and modify the gps.conf file)

          • MaxPower

            From those geekbench values you can only say that those SoC are comparable.
            That’s it.

            You can’t deduct user experience from those values. And that’s my point.
            Try to slide the screen and check how smooth is the transition of one and the other.

            Speaking of the difference of Android and iOS check how the same app runs on both.
            One is written natively, the other is written in Java and needs the virtual machine.

            Google “Android garbage collection” and the memory leaks issues.

            The latest Snapdragons and the latest Apple Soc perform mostly the same.
            One uses 6 to 8GB of ram while Apple has been on 1GB or years until recently to 2GB.

          • Plumplum

            (previous message seem to not been published)

            With geekbench you can only say CPU is comparable…
            Right it doesn’t garanty smoothness. GPU is involved and memory management

            But now even a mt6737 in 1280×720 is smooth (smooth, not fast, it’s different), you can try a Uhans A101, good phone for 70 dollars.

            Strange that iOS users always speak about java and virtual machine.
            With ART virtual machine run only when you install the application…that’s since…Android 4.4!
            Even before, Dalvik doesn’t execute Java but Dalvik executable (dex)
            Java is not the only langage available on Android studio
            The effect of virtual machine is not as huge as people think

            Application for iOS need compilation too…it’s objective-C, or swift, both need compilation.

            Apple soc include bigger and and more powerfull cores…
            When a Cortex A72 runs 3 instructions per cycle…Apple cores run 6 instructions…it’s hardware, not software.

            About memory, I’am agree but not fully…
            Galaxy S8 for exemple “only” use 4go
            You should not forget that QHD screen cost more memory too!

  • Rob

    Just release it already, I think the SD845 will release before this and MT will be waaayyy behind again. If they want to compete at the high end they need to get there top end SoC’s released January/February like Qualcomm as manufacturers don’t want to release their flagship phones this late in the year, every OEM has already released their flagships and all use Qualcomm. MT need to sort their release cycle out as it’s currently a complete mess.

    • MaxPower

      Well said

    • Plumplum

      Available on August (Meizu Pro 7), …Mediatek earn money on June with X30
      It’s right, it’s a little late (due tsmc 10nm?)…but only a little
      First sd835 phones were released in April not january!

      Problem of Mediatek isn’t the release date…
      It’s Standard Essentiel Patents from Qualcomm (lte/cdma for exemple)…
      Qualcomm doesn’t let major manufacturers release a flagship without a Snapdragon. (We can’t say Exynos or Kirin are real competitors)
      On each phone, Qualcomm earn money with patents even if they sell no hardware.
      I heard it represent 5% of the smartphone’s Price (except phones from chinese manufacturers which are sold in China)…for exemple on a 500dollars phone, it represent a 25 dollars benefits without doing anything (r&d was paid long Time ago), it’s nearly the half of what an high-end soc cost (Helio X20 cost about 30dollars, but it’s not a real high end – no finfet, no UFS, mid gpu)
      That’s why there are nearly no Mediatek’s devices that cost more than 250dollars (except Meizu and Kodak Ektra).
      It allows Qualcomm to give price reduction if manufacturers buy Snapdragon instead of Mediatek…
      Nearly 80% of Qualcomm’s benefits is based on patents and not on soc themselves. In my opinion, that’s to much to be fair for competitors…
      That’s why Intel, nvidia, Texas Instruments, broadcom, st-microelectronics stop making soc for smartphones…