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Huawei Mate 10 Render Reveals Bezel-Less Design & Four Cameras

by Zhen Wan 9

A new leak exposing Huawei’s Mate 10 has spread like wildfire from China. A source had uncovered a number of specifications that will be expected to run on the upcoming device, accompanied by a couple of tasty renders.

Huawei Mate 10 Leak 1

We are skeptical about the accuracy of these render, the likelihood of these images being third-party created concepts are more believable than official images. This maybe the case, however, these images do align with current rumors and suggestions that the upcoming Mate 10 will be a bezel-less design, with two pairs… yes, four individual cameras.

The same source provided alleged specs on the upcoming device. For example, a 5.8-inch display with 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution, note this smaller than the predecessor’s 5.9-inch screen.  Earlier speculation also suggested that Huawei may use a ‘Full Active’ display panel from JDI (Japan Display Inc.) with a full 6-inch display, which was expected to arrive on Sony’s next Xperia flagship.

In terms of camera setup, the source states that the Mate 10 will come with a 34-megapixel dual-camera setup, with the front-facing shooters will 16-megapixel sensors. The Mate 10 is expected to run the upcoming Android 8.0 “O” with Huawei’s latest EMUI skin on release day. The device will be powered by Huawei’s next HiSilicon Kirin 970 processor (on a new 10nm process) paired with either 6GB or 8GB RAM.

Taking rumors further, the Mate 10 will feature iris scanning capabilities and unspecified additional features differentiating the Mate 10 to its Mate 9 predecessor.

It’s still early to confirm Mate 10’s specs, design, and release date, but we’re all expecting more leaks to occur closer to the release date, which is expected to be around October this year. If this is accurate, we may see Huawei officially unveil the Mate 10 at IFA Berlin 2017 around September.

Stay tuned at GizmoChina to keep updated with the latest news.

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Huawei Mate 10 Leak 2

What are you expecting in the next Mate 10? Do you think the specs and design are accurate? Share your comments down below.



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  • bloodless

    Please stick with a 16:9 aspect ratio (and NOT 18:9) !

    • nolimitsdesigns

      I have a feeling the big companies are all going to push the 18:9 for the rest of this year’s flagships (if not longer) which does give the benefit of allowing the phone to be narrower – but unfortunately makes them too tall in some cases. The S8 is a good sized phone (personally) but the S8+ is too tall for me to use comfortably with one hand (I do have large hands and still find this) so I’m hoping Huawei stick with a 5.9″ screen like the 9. It looks good either way and is definitely on my list.

  • Major Sceptic

    I hope Huawei stick with the conventional full size screen , a big device should be big if that makes sense ,
    if people require smaller devices there are other options in the Huawei range .
    But turning the full sized device into an anorexic former shell of itself ,
    i just don’t see a benefit too it , the slightly wide screen in landscape thing works well for a telly or at the movies ,
    but on a smart phone it makes the ceiling lower on a relatively small device , and when it’s in portrait mode the extra thinness makes the keyboard narrow which is a pain for those of is with big hands.
    Don’t get me wrong , you can live with it , but it does make doing simple things like typing more of a chore(that rhymes 😀).
    Sometimes progress isn’t progress .

    • That’s a fake. Look at it closely. It’s Samsung’s UI.

      • Major Sceptic

        I how you are right my friend .

  • Marcus

    So they’re likely staying with 16:9?

    • Maged Samuel

      Not likely unfortunately! We hope the 2:1 ratio ‘ll prove to be good in handling the phone in 1 hand (coupled with a bezeless design)

  • Ronald Sims

    Just don’t skimp on the battery. Make it at least 4500 mah. Battery for days(literally)

  • djinn123

    Where’re the cameras on the front?