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Xiaomi Announces Cheapest 32-inch Mi TV 4A Model Selling For 1099 Yuan ($163)

by Jed John 6

Xiaomi has officially unveiled its smallest Mi TV yet, and it is a 32-inch model of the Mi TV 4A range just as we notified you. The TV is indeed the smallest in the history of Xiaomi TV and as such comes with the lowest price of all the models.xiaomi-announces-cheapest-32-inch-mi-tv-model

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4A (32 inches) uses a plastic housing with its entire body coming in black colour. As a result of the plastic body in use, the new Mi TV 4A  comes with a highly reduced weight which is just 3.9Kg, making it suitable to be easily carried around even by females. When the base is attached to the TV frame, the weight goes up to 3.94Kg.xiaomi mi tv 4a 32-inch

Talking about the key configurations, the Mi TV 4A features a 32-inch display with a resolution of  1,366 x 768 pixels and refresh rate of 60Hz. The TV has a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It is powered by a Quad-core 1.5GHz processor having four Cortex-A53 cores. The graphic is powered by a Mali-450 MP3 GPU while the processor is supported by 1GB of RAM and there is 4GB of storage space available inside. The Mi TV 4A (32) also comes with two 5W stereo speakers while available interface includes two HDMI, an AV port, an S/PDIF output, DTMB, USB port and a connector. The Mi TV 4A 32-inch version also runs Xiaomi TV PatchWall system meaning it has some smart features such as content recommendation according to user’s habit, seamless streaming of content and others.

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As for the price, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32-inch version is priced at 1099 Yuan ($163) and will officially go on sale at 0.00 on July 23. On the day sales would open, Xiaomi will be offering 100 yuan off the shipping fee.xiaomi mi tv 4a 32

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  • Lloyd

    “even females”? What year do you think this is? Women aren’t all Disney princesses or only strong enough to lift up a lipstick…

    • Jamie Phan

      Native Chinese speaker here. The author wrote the wrong translation which have nothing to do with woman.

      Here is the proper translation for the image that with a woman.

      Title: A great companion for young people.

      Context: Only weight 4KG, you can carry it around easily even when you rent a house. (In China, the rooms are typically small and expensive, people tends to rent and move frequently. Also it is pretty crowd in China, so it is inconvenient to move large parts around.)

      • Francesca Zita

        Even so, it should have never been said. I think the inclusion of that line undermines the credibility of this site, it’s writing staff and Xiaomi as a company. This article should be edited, with that line removed. As a woman, I find it incredibly offensive.

        • Im late

          women are in most cases physically weaker than men, deal with it. China dosent care about your gender studies or feelings.

  • Robert Cvetanov

    1330×768 thanks but no thanks…

    • Mosh

      agree, at least full HD if not 4k!!