Zhumi Launches The Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner For ¥4399 (~$660)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Zhumi, the makers of the Mi Air Purifiers, today unveiled its first air conditioner, the Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner.

Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The air conditioner has a white simplistic design that is curved at the corners. The vent is beneath the unit and there is a circular display flanking it on the left. You may be wondering if that is the best spot for it. You don’t have to worry as the base of the air conditioner is inclined forward, so the display is actually directed towards your eyes.

The Smartmi Air Conditioner has a power rating of 1.5HP. It has a refrigerating capacity of 3500W, a heating capacity of 4500W and an air volume of 700m³/h.

The Smartmi DC Inverter air Conditioner consists of a DC inverter compressor supplied by Hitachi,  a low-noise but power-efficient NIDEC DC motor, and a cross-flow fan motor and axial-fan motor supplied by Panasonic.

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The air conditioner can be controlled via the Smartmi Air app where you can check the energy stats and set a precise temperature level to an accuracy of 0.1°C. It also comes with a white remote.

The Air conditioner will retail for ¥4399 (~$660) and will go on sale on August 16.

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