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Nokia 8 Goes Official With SD835 & Carl Zeiss Dual Cameras: Get Ready For ‘Bothies’

by Joe 11

After a couple of interesting mid-rangers, the Nokia brand, under the leadership of HMD Global, has finally unveiled the big guns for 2017 —  the Nokia 8. The company made the flagship smartphone official in London earlier today. The phone will be the first product as a result of the recent collaboration between HMD Global and Carl Zeiss.

Nokia 8 featured hero

The camera is the biggest selling point of the Nokia 8. The phone comes with dual 13MP cameras at the back along with a 13MP camera on the front as well. Before we head on to the details, note that both the back as well as the front cameras are capable of capturing videos in high-res 4K resolution at 30fps. The dual camera setup is pretty straightforward, a 13MP f/2.0 RGB color sensor paired with a dedicated 13MP monochrome sensor. Other features of the setup at the back include Laser Focus and dual tone LED flash.

In the software department, the Nokia 8 is no slouch, as it comes with a number of unique features. First, the phone has integrated live streaming options for Facebook and YouTube platforms. Another big feature is the new “Bothie”. You might have already guessed where Nokia is taking us with this naming — simultaneous recording from the front as well as the back cameras, shown in a split screen display. And guess what, you can live stream in the bothie mode as well, to impress your social media fans.

Nokia 8 dual sight bothie
Bothie Feature           Source: Nokia

The Nokia 8 is made out of 6000 series aluminum body and comes in multiple finishes including matte and steel. There are four colors available — Polished Copper, Polished Blue, Tempered Blue, and Steel. Coming down to the basic specs, the phone is powered by the mighty Snapdragon 835 chipset, which has become a standard among top-end smartphones. There’ll be just one memory variant at the moment, a 4GB + 64GB version. The display will be compact at 5.3-inches with 2560 x 1440 pixels. There’s a MicroSD card expansion slot (256GB) and you get a decent 3090mAh for battery. While the Nokia 8 isn’t waterproof, it’s IP54 certified, making it splash proof. Other features include a fingerprint sensor on the front, Android 7.1.1 Nougat (monthly security updates and Android O promised), USB Type-C 3.1, and a 3.5mm dedicated headphone jack. The software is said to be a lightweight version of Android Nougat.

nokia 8 copper

HMD is also bringing some interesting technology from the present day Nokia company, into the Nokia 8 flagship. For example, the phone features high dynamic range microphones which utilize Nokia Ozo Audio algorithms to record surround sound. What’s even more interesting is that this virtual surround sound will be preserved even when you share it to your social media channels.

Nokia 8 will go on sale first in Europe and later in Latin American markets for a suggested retail price of €599, which comes close to $700. According to Gadgets360, the phone will come to India in early October. According to the CNBC, Nokia 8 won’t release in China or the US.

nokia 8 steel
Nokia 8 steel
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  • Launching in Europe first… not in China at all. Oh how the tables have turned!
    The Nokia 8 looks like exciting schtuff, if you ask me. I also respect keeping the back and menu buttons, I mean, there’s room for it on many of these devices, yet some just leave ’em and either use on-screen keys or like Huawei a smart homebutton with multiple functions (short press, long press, swipe).
    599 might be a little on the high side for a HMD device slapping on Nokia and Zeiss labels, but it really seems like great value nontheless. Do think my Huawei P10 Plus trumps it by a fair margin without being that much more expensive (which gets you 6GB and an IR blaster for example).

    You sure, as the article claims, that the fingerprintreader is on the back and not in the home button?

    • Joe

      Fingerprint’s on the front. Corrected.

      599 is a bit high, but the Nokia brand name and carl zeiss cameras could help the model sell. Still, it’s going to be tough with the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 selling at similar figures in Europe. Plus, the front and bezels looks too ordinary for a late 2017 flagship.

      So, I personally think, the P10 Plus looks like a better buy coz of the larger battery and 6GB RAM, despite being a bit more expensive.

  • Zero

    No…. Seems that the Nokia 9, the true Flagship is the one to be launched on the excluded countries which are US, China, Corea and Japan…

  • Muhammad Yasir

    $700 is too expensive, it’s worth $550 at most or $600

    i mean, they’re manufacturing it in china, for PETE’S SAKE .. it has to be cheap !

    now, don’t get me wrong.

    it’s a good phone, feature packed but it won’t be able to compete with S8 and iPhone 8 with that price tag !

    it needs to beat it’s closest competitors where they can’t make a compromise i.e pricing !

    • balcobomber25

      Most phones are made in China, including every single iPhone and some Samsung’s. Country produced has little to do with pricing.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i thought china’s cheap labour meant good prices

        and a guy like you surely gets what i am trying to say, don’t you ?

        • balcobomber25

          The reason that every phone is made in Asia is that the labour costs are very low. Even Samsung and LG who use factories in Korea, Vietnam and China are paying about the same in all those countries. The cost to actually produce a flagship phone is less than $300. The reason most companies don’t sell them for $400 is because of outside factors. Samsung, for instance, has billions of dollars in advertising that needs to be paid for. HMD (Nokia) has patents and licensing deals that need to paid for (Carl Zeiss, the Nokia name etc).

          • Muhammad Yasir


            thanks for factoring those in and sharing the knowledge !

  • Sansa

    Look at that forehead and chin! Not good.

  • C. Buck

    Those bezels on top and chin are bigger than those of the OP5, did I miss a trend???
    Unbelievable old-fashioned design…

  • balcobomber25

    Too expensive with a phone that has bezels from 2013. I can excuse it on sub $500 flagships not on $700+ ones.