Bezel-less Sharp Aquos S2 Teardown Reveals Internals That Are Well Arranged

by Jed John 0

Sharp recently unveiled the Aquos S2 and just yesterday, the device went on its first sale in China on with all units reportedly being sold out in less than 24 hours. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the breath-taking bezel-less beauty the AquosS2 turned out to be. Sharp did a good job on the outward design and build quality of the mid-ranger but we don’t know about inside. Well, that has been sorted out with the Aquos S2’s teardown or disassembly carried out by Chinese tech blog- Aquos S2

The disassembly began with removing the back cover which is held in place with glue and then unscrewing all the nuts holding the frame in place. The back cover was removed using a suction cup and a heat gun, meaning this isn’t one for the novice to tear apart. After the back is removed, other components can easily be removed but it won’t be a good idea to try this at home if you don’t have the skill.Sharp Aquos S2

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On the whole, the Sharp Aquos S2 internal workmanship is very good, with the internal components well arranged in a manner that would be easy to effect a repair if need be. We can see the clever arrangements for the light distance sensor and the front camera despite the limited space. The front camera module had to be cut off from the screen at the centre in order to accommodate the selfie shooter.  The edges are also thickened on the inside to be able to resist strong impact. You can have a look at more of the teardown photos from below or check out the entire teardown process here.Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2Sharp Aquos S2