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Xiaomi Announces September 5 As Launch Date For Dual Camera Flagship

by Habeeb Onawole 18

Xiaomi took to Twitter early this morning to announce the launch date for a new flagship phone with dual cameras. The date is September 5 which is next week Tuesday, a day before the end of IFA Berlin.

Xiaomi has not announced that it will be attending the mobile event in Germany and since the tweet ends with the hashtag #XiaomiGlobalLaunch, it makes us wonder if this is a late IFA announcement.

Not much is known about the device other than it having dual cameras. The teaser image shows two circles of different sizes hinting at the configuration of the cameras i.e. one wide-angle lens and another telephoto lens, just like the Mi 6.

Xiaomi September 5 Launch

Xiaomi may not have let the cat out of the bag about the device it is announcing, but our guess is that it is the Mi MIX 2. The second generation Mi MIX has been in the news lately. We have seen leaks of the device as well as teases, and a few days ago we saw an image that showed the shooting of a commercial for the phone.

So why a global launch this time? The Mi MIX was an unexpected surprise last year when it was announced at the Mi Note 2 launch. It received many reviews across the globe even though it didn’t have a global variant like the Mi Note 2. Seeing the kind of reception it received, it will be stupid for Xiaomi not to launch the second variant globally.

The Mi MIX 2 will push the bezel-less boundaries further than its predecessor. And with dual cameras, it seems set for another round of positive reviews.

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The release of the Mi MIX 2 also means that Xiaomi will be competing with the newly announced Galaxy Note8 and the LG V30 that will be launched on Thursday. While the Mi MIX 2 won’t have a stylus, what it does have going for it will be its affordable price tag.

If you had to choose from the Mi MIX 2, the Galaxy Note8 and the LG V30, which smartphone gets your money?




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  • could it just be a global launch of the Mi 6?


      There is already global launch of Mi 6 but Xiaomi says some countries are exceptional for the global release. So its technically yes and no.
      I think this would be the release of Mi Note 3 because the Mi Mix 2 would maybe come in October.

      • balcobomber25

        Mi 6 doesn’t have a real global model (one that supports western LTE like the Note 2 did) but I agree that this isn’t the Mi6, it’s most likely the Note 3.

  • A Qay

    and of course I’d pay my money to Xiaomi

  • androwin

    Since Xiaomi won’t support headphone jack in their upcoming phones nor SD card support, and Note 8 is expensive as hell, I’m choosing between XZ Premium or LG V30 (4K and now is cheaper vs. 2K/FHD Bezel-less).

  • NextHype

    “And with dual cameras, it seems set for another round of positive reviews.”

    WTH? Even shitty budget phones have dual cam nowadays. Plus we already know Xiaomi R&D doesn’t know how to handle dual cam… (Mi6 never had flagship grade camera).

    • balcobomber25

      By your logic neither did the OP5. If we compare them to the S7/S8 they don’t have the same level camera and they are not supposed to. What they both do have is budget flagship grade cameras.

      • NextHype

        DxO Mark gave 87/100 to OP5 and 88/100 to S7/S8
        If you check their protocol and test shots from OP5 and S7/S8, there isn’t a big difference between these models. Nothing to say 88/100 is flagship grade while 87/100 is budget flagship grade.

        BTW I was just pointing out the fact that having a dual cam nowadays isn’t a sign of camera quality : its just a marketing gimmick. I believe you know that better than anyone as you’re working in smartphone marketing.

        • balcobomber25

          DxoMark overalls don’t really mean much, they are quoted in the media as bragging rights for certain phones but they don’t tell you a whole lot. To really understand their scores you have to read the individual scores they give to camera quality and video quality. Most of their phones that score between 85 and 90 can produce similar results to each other.

          Dual camera can be a complete gimmick and it is on most phones, especially ones that only advertise “bokeh” effect. But some phones especially those from Huawei and (some LG models) put the second camera sensor to work in all photos. With those two companies the sensors work together to capture as much detail as possible. One sensor takes a black and white picture the other takes a color picture and the software combines the two. This improves low light images and overall image quality because the software has a lot more data to work with.

  • Wolvie

    Hmmmm Dual camera and another SD625 LOL.

    Nowaday Xiaomi got a nasty habit to release different smartphones with same engine inside, either SD425/SD435 or SD625.

    I think they bought those soc cheaply from qualcomm in huge qty so now they need to finish it.

    While other vendor already using a better SD660 ,xiaomi still stuck at SD625 LOL such disappointment from once a king of affordable high tech to become regular china manufacturer.

    • balcobomber25

      Xiaomi’s last 3 flagships didn’t have a SD425, 435 or 625. They wouldn’t use a SD660 in a flagship either, only OPPO does that. Here were there last 3 flagships:

      Xiaomi Mi6 – SD835
      Xiaomi Mi Mix – SD821
      Xiaomi Mi Note 2 – SD821

      Xiaomi has a very simple and easy to follow chart for how they use processors:

      SD4XX – budget, lower midrange
      SD6XX – midrange
      SD8XX – flagship

      Now why do they insist on doing it this way? Maybe it’s because the SD4XX is a budget SoC, the SD6XX is a midrange SoC and the SD8XX is a flagship SoC. This isn’t rocket science.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        still waiting for a good 660 setup from Xiaomi

        • balcobomber25

          The rumored Redmi Pro 2 is supposed to use the 660.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            YAY !

            when is it coming ?!

      • Eviscerated.

  • balcobomber25

    I have a feeling it’s the Mi Note 3.

    • Muhammad Yasir


  • greg

    Mi Note 3 please