ZTE’s Nubia May Have A Full Screen Smartphone Coming Soon

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Full screen display is the rave right now and more manufacturers are jumping on the train. The latest is ZTE’s offshoot company Nubia, and their new teaser hints at a full-screen smartphone in the pipeline.

Nubia Full Screen Smartphone

The teaser image released on Weibo yesterday shows an outline for a smartphone against a star-filled background. Though the bottom part of the phone where the lower bezel should be is missing. In spite of that, we have a rough mental picture of what the phone will look like.

Can you see the image uses a mix of dotted and straight lines? It is easy to tell that the display of the phone will end where the dotted lines stop, while the top bezel will be limited to the area the straight line covers.

Nubia is not new to bezel-less designs. Its Nubia Z17 flagship has non-existent side bezels but still keep the forehead and chin pretty thick. For this new smartphone, things will be different. No side bezels and a thinner chin and forehead.

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It is unknown if Nubia will launch this new phone as a flagship device or as a mid-ranger. If it is a flagship that means we should expect the Snapdragon 835 powering it. For the mid-range category, there are lots of processors that it will be hard to guess the one it will feature.

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