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Philippe Starck Goes Full 007 For The New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Teaser

by Jed John 6

The Mi Mix 2’s details continue to get more and more interesting as more leaks and teasers come out ahead of its launch next week Monday. World renowned designer Philippe Starck was featured in the latest teaser for the Mi Mix 2 shared on Chinese video sharing website Miaopai. The video gives us what could be said to be our first glimpse of the flagship device even though it isn’t a very clear view. In the video, Starch does a James Bond like shooting spree but with the Mi Mix 2 as the gun.Mi Mix 2

From the video, we can grab that the Mi Mix 2 will indeed have a slightly different design from the Mi Mix. The edges are well curved which would indeed aid gripping the phone. Starck was able to hold the phone with only his right hand and was even tossing it up and down while firing some imaginary shots, still with one hand and it looked seamlessly easy. This was clearly meant to pass across the message that the Mi Mix 2 will be easy to use with one hand and also, it would be super light.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Renders

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We really couldn’t make out much from the video regarding the design but it looks slightly smaller than the first-gen Mi Mix,. It also looks like we’ll be seeing a metal body which would be easy to mass produce. Apart from the edges, the body all looks like what are going to be rounded. The teaser also touts the Mi Mix 2 as coming with a bezel-less, full-screen display. We already know the flagship will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, Qualcomm has confirmed that and we’ll be having a Sony IMX386 sensor at the rear. The device will also come with 6GB of RAM on one of its variants. You can watch the video teaser from here.


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  • Sansa

    Would have prefered the front camera on top, on the bottom gets covered by the right hand.

    • Daniel McDermott

      The camera is designed to easily flip the phone and rotate the screen. Bottom of the phone needs more room for thumbs. I prefer the top to not have a bezel, I think it’s way better than the iPhone 8 design.

  • Daniel McDermott

    Having a metal body would be great, ceramic just is too overhyped. Also hoping for amoled, hope we hear something about the screen in the next day or two. Amoled is the one feature that will make it a must buy for me. I have my eye on the Nokia 8, but Xiaomi could win me over by a full-screen amoled.

  • Ionut Johnny

    I have a Mi 6 but this will be my next purchase only because it has a full screen.

  • Ulises Mordel

    I really feel very comfortable with what my Nomu S30 mini offered me, I got it for only 130 $ and after 5 months of use I feel extremely happy to have gotten such a good phone. Highly recommended.

  • Anzhela Sinkina

    smartphone can and is good, but I’m not impressed by frameless smartphones, I’ve been using the protected NOMU s30 and I do not have a fear that my smartphone will crash when it falls