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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Design Revealed By Mi MIX Designer Phillippe Starck

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 30

Last year, Xiaomi had collaborated with a French designer named Phillippe Starck for designing the Xiaomi Mi MIX concept phone. In June, Starck had visited Xiaomi to discuss on the next generation Mi MIX. This confirmed that Starck would be designing the Mi MIX 2. The French designer has shared a new video of a bezel-less smartphone on its Facebook profile. At the bottom-right corner of the video is the text that reads Mi MIX 2 conceptual product design. Hence, the video is probably showcasing the stunning design of the Mi MIX 2.

As it can be seen in the video, the bezel-less display appears to be curved on the left and right sides. Moreover, it has a super-slim bezel at the top and a slightly thicker bottom bezel. The rumor mill has revealed that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 would be delivering a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent.

XIaomi Mi MIX 2 design Phillippe Starck5

XIaomi Mi MIX 2 design Phillippe Starck5
The bottom bezel of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 in the concept design continues to feature the selfie camera. Rumors have it that the piezoelectric ceramic speaker that vibrated the entire phone would be replaced with a new an earpiece that consumes less space and power and delivers better sound quality. It may feature an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The bottom side of the smartphone seems to feature a pair of external speakers with a USB-C port placed in between.

XIaomi Mi MIX 2 design Phillippe Starck5

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The Xiaomi Mi MIX is speculated to be powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset and 3,400mAh battery. It is expected to arrive with a 6-inch screen from Japan Display. It is speculated to feature a 12-megapixel Sony IMX386 rear camera whereas its front may feature an 8-megapixel selfie snapper. The rumor mill has also revealed that the Mi MIX 2 would be coming in two models. The base model is expected to come with a pricing of 3,999 (~$600) and it is speculated to feature 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The higher configuration would be coming with a price tag of 4,999 Yuan (~$750) and it is expected to feature 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. It is tipped to arrive in a new color of Bright Silver.

Apple is known for holding an iPhone launch event in the month of September. The popularity of iPhones is such that even major smartphone manufacturers avoid launching their flagship phones in the same month. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 will be debuting before the end of this month. In September, Apple is expected to unleash the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 8. Rumors have it that Xiaomi may unveil the Mi MIX 2 flagship on Sept. 12 to take on the upcoming IPhone 8.



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  • thecoolkid 😎

    That’s nice. I hope it comes with dual cameras like the MI6

  • TheOracle

    Very, very nice. I want!

  • monoke

    Hell yeah! This puts iphone 8 and Note 8 design to shame! Curve edge perfectly done. Minimal reflections like Sammys. Improve that camera and this could be best phone of the year!!

    • princetom

      Except that u don’t wanna compete with those 2, u are already a looser before u start, especially Apple. If am an oem, September launch is a No NO for me because of iphones and ifans

      • balcobomber25

        Xiaomi outsells Samsung in China, their primary market by a wide margin. In their secondary market, India they have been gaining market share on Samsung each quarter and could surpass them within the next 2 years. Samsung is exactly who they want to compete with.

        • princetom

          Not in the flagship category, that’s my point. As radical and surprising as mi mix was last year, how many millions do Xiaomi sell? And now they want to pitch it against the 2 super powers? It’s a good ambition but a dumb one… Let them face the reality

          • balcobomber25

            In the flagship category, Xiaomi outsells Samsung in China. When Xiaomi launched the Mi5 in China it had over 16 million pre-orders. The first sale 4 million units sold out in under 2 minutes. The Mi Mix last year was a concept phone that was released to the public. It was never meant to sell that many, it was just showing what was possible. And it was so universally praised that every flagship now is switching to a bezeless design.

            I am curious who is this other “Super Power” besides Samsung?

          • princetom

            My point was, not meant for China market only and u don’t even have statistics for how many phones were sold by Samsung and Xiaomi exactly

          • balcobomber25

            China and India are the two biggest markets that Xiaomi and Samsung compete in. In China, Xiaomi is destroying them and it’s not even close. In India, Samsung has the current lead but Xiaomi is gaining ground. As for statistics below are the sales numbers for phones in China according to IDC:


            OPPO – 78.4 million
            Huawei – 76.6 million
            Vivo – 69.2 million
            Apple – 44.9 million
            Xiaomi – 41.5 million
            Samsung – 11.5 million

            Samsung isn’t in the top 5 in China, they are getting destroyed by the local companies. You could say the Note 7 disaster had something do with their low number. But I would counter with they have been losing market share in China since 2014. In 2015 they sold less than 10 million phones in China, the lowest ever for them. China is a huge problem for Samsung. And India could be in the near future. Why do those two countries matter so much? China is the biggest cell phone market in the world and India is the 3rd biggest and the fastest growing of them all. India will surpass both China and the US to become the largest smartphone market by 2020.

          • princetom

            Balco, try and understand my argument, u are not getting it at all. Why does companies normally leave out September for Apple?

          • balcobomber25

            They don’t. Several brands have launched phones in September in years past including Samsung, LG, Huawei and Xiaomi.

          • princetom

            Which oda company schedule every year September for a big announcement continuously? Am sure u get my argument, u just wanna agree

          • balcobomber25

            Continuously? That would be no one. Apple launched the 7/7 Plus in September, their launch prior to that was the SE which was in March. They didn’t start the September launch until the iPhone 5 before that they used the month of June.

          • MaxPower

            It’s important to remember also that Apple’s biggest market is the US, not China, not India.

            September is strategic because it starts the famous 4th quarter of the American retail market.

            That’s the reason why Apple release it on September.

          • balcobomber25

            US is Apple’s biggest market, China had been their second biggest market up until this year. China is actually their most important market because of their recent struggles there the i8 needs to be a homerun.

          • princetom

            Wow, what else do i have to say. U know these facts but it seems u will never agree with someone else opinion. Iphone SE is not a flagship, no one even knows if another iPhone SE will ever come again. But u know September is synonymous with iPhone release…. I rest my case.

          • balcobomber25

            I also know June was synoymous with iPhone release and so was March. I also know that in China, Xiaomi and Apple are both fighting to compete with Huawei, OPPO and Vivo. I also know that Xiaomi has a chance to surpass Apple this year in China.

  • TurnAround

    Selfie camera at the bottom, – nice point of view! 😉

  • Joe Johnson

    The glass is very brittle on the mix and breaks very very easily. Hopefully they correct that problem on the mix 2.


      It’s not glass. It’s high quality ceramic. It is very hard to make ceramic not brittle, unless you glue the ceramic even stronger to the aluminium frame.

      • Joe Johnson

        On the front DS!


          The front glass isn’t that brittle.

          • Joe Johnson

            It is i know 2 people who’s glass broke. By the way glad you finally figure out where the glass is on the Mix!

          • POINTLESS GUY

            I already knew the front was glass but I thought you were talking about the back. Glass is brittle, and what I’ve seen is the Galaxy S8 were breaking so easily that users were very disappointed in the durability. But the LG G6 has military grade resistance and it still uses a glass front and back. This is because the glass is tucked in the metal frame, not the glass curving the edges and then sliding into the frame. So in my opinion, I would rather not have “curved edges”.

          • Joe Johnson

            Oneplus 5 no problem, fast durable, so much for Samsung crap.

          • POINTLESS GUY

            The OnePlus 5 is a disappointment in my book. It removed OIS(I know it added EIS but the Google Pixel had OIS and EIS) and its price is approaching flagship price. And atleast Xiaomi has a mid range and budget line of smartphones but OnePlus only has flagships. And I hate they like just give lies to customers saying that they are a small company which cannot give customer service. Bullshit. A small company can hire famous India Bollywood actors and actresses to be in their advertisements and afford billboards across the street promoting the OnePlus 5. And the streets of London are flooded with OnePlus 5 ads. Bullshit, a small company, huh? Well, Xiaomi is a big company which still keep their prices low and give updates(although late) to their users. While OnePlus abandons the OnePlus 2 although they made a promise to update it. The OnePlus 5 is just the biggest disappointment for me. Atleast the HTC U Ultra wasn’t advertised heavily because even HTC was ashamed, but OnePlus doesn’t even feel shameful. Not buying from them again. I’ll get the Military Grade LG G6 for cheaper.

          • Gary Adair

            So what’s wrong with the OnePlus 5 apart from camera shake. I had a Samsung s6 edge plus and also the s6 edge. I find that the OnePlus 5 is just as good if not better than them phones. At least I can use my OnePlus all day without worrying about looking for a plug socket. The camera is brave a good as well. This phone reminds me of the htc m8 very underrated and put down by people who only look for the high-end flagship phones. You also knock OnePlus cause they only have ‘flagship’ price phones. Still 449 for a phone with duel cameras 6gig of RAM and 64gb of hdd isn’t bad at all

    • balcobomber25

      I used one for about 4 months (a loaner from a supplier of Xiaomi I work with) and the front glass didn’t suffer a single scratch or chip the entire time I used it.

      Having said that, I was always very nervous to use it because of the display but it did withstand normal wear and tear.

  • Modest Mind

    5.5″ is my favourite screen size but 6″ and 95% screen to body ratio is just as good. And with the top of the line specs is a must-buy-smartphone. I just hope Xiaomi releases the kernel source code right after market introduction. Until now Xiaomi has been releasing the kernel source codes approx 6 months after market introduction and that is a big let down for its customer. Currently I’m using Xiaomi Mi5s and am happy with it but I need a bit bigger size screen and Mi Mix2 (or LG V30 or Nokia 9) would be just what I need.

  • Ney

    Please no….