Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Configuration Leaks, Packs Snapdragon 660 Processor and 6GB RAM

by Habeeb Onawole 13

Earlier today it was revealed that the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will be announced alongside the Mi MIX 2, in a fashion similar to last year. Although there is still a few days from the launch date (September 11), we won’t have to wait till then before knowing the specification details of the Mi Note 3, as they have been leaked online.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

The teaser poster for the Mi Note 3 launch shows Xiaomi’s brand ambassador for the Mi 5X, Wu Yifan, holding a dual camera phone that looks like the Mi 6. So

According to the leaked specs, the Mi Note 3 will have a 5.5-inch display. Not only is it smaller than the 5.7-inch display of the Mi Note 2, there is no mention of it being curved.

Since there is no Snapdragon 836, most folks will expect the Mi Note 3 to come with the Snapdragon 835. Sorry, to disappoint but that won’t be happening if these specifications are true. Instead, Xiaomi has settled for the next chip in line, the Snapdragon 660 mobile platform. As consolation, it will keep the 6GB of RAM.

The Mi Note 3 will be available in either 64GB or 128GB variants, though, there is no mention of a MicroSD card slot. Since the display has been cut down, Xiaomi has also decided to shave off the battery capacity to 3500mAh but have added Quick Charge 4.0 support. We hope it comes with a supported charger.

The Mi Note 3 will also come with dual rear cameras. The cameras will be the same configuration as that of the Mi 6. So you get two 12MP cameras in the wide-angle lens + telephoto lens configuration. The front camera is said to be a 16MP sensor.

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The Mi Note 3 will have a four-curved glass body and an aerospace grade aluminium frame. It will have a special face unlock feature that uses a smart identification system with a sort of RGB sensor to identify the face of the owner. The Mi Note 3 will also have NFC support.

Pricing details were not provided. One feature we hope Xiaomi keeps from the Mi Note 2 is global LTE support.