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Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus Official: Full-Screen Displays, Impressive Cameras & A Few Other Tricks

by Habeeb Onawole 14

The Vivo X20 was unveiled today in China. The new smartphone is Vivo’s second full-screen smartphone, coming weeks after the announcement of the Vivo V7 Plus in India.

Vivo X20

Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus Design

The Vivo X20 and X20 Plus feature a 3D arc design that is designed to provide a comfortable grip in your palm. The 1.8mm U-shaped antenna lines are seamlessly integrated into the device using a new generation nano-injection molding process. The rest of the body is finished with an ultra-fine zirconium sand spray process that gives it a silky smooth feel.

vivo x20

Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus Specs

The Vivo X20 has a 6.01 inch 18:9 display that occupies 85.3% of the front of the phone. It is powered by the Snapdragon 660 paired with 4GB of RAM. Owners will be able to choose between 64GB or 128GB of expandable storage.  The X20 has an AK4376A for HiFi audio and packs a 3245mAh battery under the hood.

The Vivo X20 Plus has a larger 6.43-inch 2160 x 1080 super AMOLED display crammed in a 5.85-inch body. It is powered by the same Snapdragon 660 mobile platform and packs the same amount of RAM. However, storage is limited to 64GB but one can add up to and additional 256GB via a MicroSD card slot.

vivo x20 back

The X20 Plus also differs in the camera aspect as its sensors have OIS. It has an ES9318 DAC + amp for Hi-Fi audio.  Due to the bigger screen, it packs a 3905mAh battery capacity.

There is dual SIM support, Bluetooth 5.0, dual band WiFi, and a micro USB port for connectivity on both devices. There are also fingerprint scanners on the back of the phones that support payment and can control the cameras too.

Both the Vivo X20 And Vivo X20 Plus run FunTouch OS 3.0 based on Android  7.1.1 out of the box. There is a built-in AI assistant that learns your usage pattern, channeling processing power to your most used apps.

There is also a new Vivo Game Engine that greatly improves game-play even for very demanding games. The game engine also makes sure that incoming calls or notifications do not affect game-play. If you need to respond to messages from chat apps, a floating and re-sizeable window of the app will appear. It seems only WeChat and QQ are supported for now.
face wake

Face Wake

There are two ways to unlock the X20 – using the fingerprint scanner or using the new Face Wake feature. Face Wake is said to unlock the device in just 0.1s. Vivo claims it detects up to 128 different facial features before proceeding to unlock the phone.

vivo x20 camera sample

Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus Cameras

Vivo like its sibling OPPO, makes camera-centric phones and the X20 and X20 Plus don’t disappoint. There are dual rear cameras on both phones in a 12MP + 5MP combination. The 12MP f/1.8 sensor is unique as it can take images up to 24MP. Pair that with the 5MP secondary sensor and you get high quality bokeh images. The 12MP f/2.0 dual-pixel front facing camera uses the same technology and also takes portrait images.

Vivo also says it has worked on an image sensor processor unit it calls Vivo Image Cube. This is actually a 256MB dual-core image sensor processor (DSP).

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Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus Pricing and Availability

The Vivo X20 will start at ¥2998 (~$455) for the 4GB RAM + 64GB model. For double the storage, Vivo is asking for ¥3398 (~$515). The Plus model will cost ¥3498 (~$530). Both phones will be available in gold, rose gold and matte black.

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  • Albino

    At this price? nope…

  • androwin

    I’m sure that SD660 will be a BIG FA!L in Qualcomm’s history since most phone manufacturers sell their devices with this chipset at high prices.

    • balcobomber25

      It actually has the potential to become the opposite, a BIG SUCCESS in Qualcomm’s history. Three of the largest brands are using it in budget flagships and they have a history of selling tens of millions of those phones with similar chips. The marketplace is there for the SD660.

      The OPPO R11 (SD660) is one of the top selling phones in the world right now. Vivo and Xiaomi will both sell millions of their SD660 phones as well.

  • It’s similar to oppo r11, but a better 18:9 bezel-less screen.

  • Lucky Ayer

    mi is best ever

  • TheOracle

    6.4 inch screen in a 5.8 inch body? Over 100% screen to body ratio? Hmmm.

    I’m still confused as to why this is regarded as a full screen phone yet it has top and bottom bezels. I’ll take the Mi Mix 2 for these prices.

    • balcobomber25

      I think by 5.85 inch they mean a phone with a phone with a 5.85 phone that has bezels. Because the actual height of the x20 Plus is 6.51 inches and it’s screen to body ratio is 80.6% (both numbers come from GSM Arena).

      The Mi Mix 2 has some advantages over this phone including much better LTE coverage and a faster processor. But this phone has better cameras, better build quality and much better audio than the Mix 2.

      • TheOracle

        Whilst I always respect your opinions Balco, on this one I disagree concerning build quality. The Mi Mix 2 is barely out so your assessment of build quality is only speculation. From the initial hands on reviews I’ve seen the build quality is superb. The materials are certainly far superior to the X20. I don’t care about the cameras or audio.

        Design wise the Mi Mix 2 is better looking in my opinion and it is a full screen phone unlike the X20. It’s faster, better looking, worldwide bands, smaller with the same screen size, bigger battery and cheaper than the X20. More importantly it doesn’t look like every other phone out there unlike the X20. At least Vivo didn’t try and shamelessly copy an iPhone this time.

        • balcobomber25

          My comments on build quality are speaking for the overall brand history. Historically Vivo has some of the best build quality in the industry, Xiaomi has good not great build quality.

          Technically the Mix 2 isn’t full screen either it has a top, bottom and side bezels, they are just a lot thinner. There is no true full-screen display, yet.

          • TheOracle

            I agree with you on the historical build quality point. But I think the Mix series has changed that.

            Full screen today is bezel-less on three sides in my opinion. The Mix has a bottom bezel only. A border from the frame isn’t a bezel on the screen. I’m ok with the frame-border on the Mix as it does offer a modicum of protection. Either way you look at it the X20 isn’t a full screen phone especially when compared to the Mix.

            Now please excuse me while I go over to Andi’s site and have a good laugh on the comments for Elephone’s version 😉

          • balcobomber25

            I’m a little biased because I had the original Mix and wasn’t impressed with the build quality. Nothing ever happened because I was more careful than normal but everything just kinda felt poorly made. The buttons felt cheap and rattled (something I’ve never experienced on a Xiaomi phone). The audio was worse than my Redmi Note 4 as was the camera.

          • TheOracle

            My Redmi Note 3 has been stellar. Not perfect by any means but fast and well built.

            My take on the original Mix was that it was truly a concept and they just wanted to put it out there before anyone else. Mix 1 owners on XDA absolutely love their phones and they certainly know what they’re talking about. The Mix 2 seems to be more refined and finished properly according to what I’ve heard and seen. For the price, looks and specs it’s a more worthwhile investment for me than anything else available right now. If it’s half as good as my Redmi Note 3 Pro I’ll be satisfied.

  • Marco Silva

    sd660? micro usb? realy?

  • NextHype

    BBK is getting it right. Why should we buy SD835 when SD660 will get us the same user experience on 99% apps ? While cutting on SoC budget on a specific device, a brand can invest on camera, audio and other hardware parts to deliver a great multimedia experience whitout compromising on performances.