Samsung to Make Huge Revenue through iPhone X than its Own Flagship Phone

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Apple is selling the iPhone X with a starting price of $999. The Cupertino company will not only benefit from the sales of iPhone X, but also Samsung which its major rival will also reap good profits from its sales. According to a new report on The Wall Street Journal, the South Korean company earns around $110 when each unit of iPhone X is sold.

A recent market analysis by the Counterpoint Technology Market Research has revealed that Apple is expected to sell around 130 million units of iPhone X until the summer of 2019. If Apple manages to sell these many units of iPhone X, it is certain that Samsung will also make huge money by the sales of the most advanced smartphone from Apple.

As far as the sales analysis of Galaxy S8 is concerned, Samsung is expected to sell around 50 million S8 units in a timeframe of 20 month since its launch in April. The South Korean company’s component division will be getting $202 from the sale of each Galaxy S8 unit. This suggests that iPhone X will bring around $4 billion in revenue to Samsung’s component division than the Galaxy S8. The component division of Samsung earned 35 percent of the firm’s $195 revenue in 2016.

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Ming-Ch Kuo who had accurately predicted $999 pricing of iPhone X had revealed earlier that Samsung is charging around $120 to $130 for each OLED panel that goes into the iPhone X. This amount is around $75 more than what the Cupertino company is usually paying for LCD panels that it uses on other iPhones.

Currently, Samsung is the sole provider of OLED panels for iPhone X. Apple wants the South Korean company to manufacture OLED panels in a certain way to house the notch present at the iPhone X. This has reportedly result in production problems that is reportedly delaying the iPhone X’s arrival to the market.

Recent reports have revealed that the Apple is exploring other options for OLED screens. Some reports have revealed that LG Display may provide OLED panels to Apple. Also, the Cupertino company is also rumored to build its own OLED manufacturing factory. A recent report has revealed that Apple may use the Full Active LCD panels from Japan Display (JDI) for iPhones. JDI is also expected to provide OLED panels to Apple in 2019.

Meanwhile, Samsung seems to be making good revenue through the sales of iPhone X and also through its own flagship phones such as Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.