Apple iPhone X First 1 Million Shipment May be Delayed Till December

by Jed John 0

A new report has emerged to the effect that the first batch of Apple‘s latest iPhone X may not all be shipped this November. The iPhone X is expected to ship on November 3 when Apple will make 1 million units available to those that have successfully pre-ordered for the sleek iPhone model. Brightwire Inc shared a tweet on their Twitter page stating that Apple may delay shipment of the first 1 million iPhone X units until December. This is attributed to the yield rate which purportedly plunged below 10%.

The iPhone X was the deal breaker among the three models announced by Apple. It features a full-screen design with near bezel-less display and several other features which makes it the favourite model that many fans want to grab despite the steep price tag. Brightwire Inc didn’t specify which of the production phase was causing the reduction in the yield rate but over the last few months, iPhone X production has been bugged by issues such as low yields for the OLED panels and problems with the 3D sensors.

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Except this report isn’t true or Apple speed things up, the delay in the first shipment could have a ripple effect on the subsequent shipments. That would mean a whole lot of prospective iPhone X buyers are going to be left disappointed. The good thing about a protracted delay which this could cause is that some prospective buyers may then decide to get the other new iPhone models instead of continuously waiting for the premium model.