Razer Smartphone Coming November 1, Company Drops Teaser

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Razer is known as a gaming hardware maker. It makes gaming laptops, mechanical keyboards, mouse-pads, and gaming mice. It also released two wearables -the Nabu and the Nabu X and a gaming tablet.

Back in January, the company bought smartphone startup Nextbit, makers of the Robin, a cloud-connected smartphone that kept most of its files in the cloud. Today, Razer released a teaser confirming that its first smartphone will arrive on November 1.

Razer Smartphone Teaser

CEO Min-Linag Tan confirmed a few weeks ago that the company was planning a phone launch before the end of the year. The smartphone according to him will be focused on “gaming and entertainment”. There was also an image on the internet last week that showed Min-Liang Tan with a Razer-branded device shaped like a smartphone in his pocket.

Razer Smartphone leak

The official teaser shows a man holding a device to his face sitting against an image carousel background. What better way to depict entertainment?

There is no info on the specs of the Razer smartphone and we are pretty eager to know what it packs and how it will measure up against current smartphones. Nevertheless, the company has done a pretty good job keeping details of the phone from public eye but we believe more details will surface in coming weeks.

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Are you excited for the upcoming smartphone? What specs are you looking forward to? Please drop a comment.




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