Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezes While Accessing Contacts App

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Several users of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are experiencing freezing issues while navigating on the device. Most of the users are claiming on Samsung’s official forum site that the Note 8 freezes while accessing the Contacts app. The issue is not just limited to directly accessing the Contacts app, but also indirectly when other apps such as Phone or Messaging use it.

Hence, it appears that the Contacts app could be the problem maker. However, there are other users who are also claiming on the same forum thread that the Note 8 becomes unresponsive randomly.

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Some users have claimed on the forum site that they are facing the problem since day one of using the Galaxy Note 8. Once the Note 8 becomes unresponsive, the only way it can function normally is by performing force restart or by draining the battery completely. Some users have claimed that the issue remains unresolved even after carrying out hard reset on the Note 8.

The issue is not limited to any specific region as Note 8 users from the U.S. and Europe have encountered it. Even the users of the dual-SIM edition of the Galaxy Note 8 have expressed that they too are facing the same issue. Samsung is yet to release an official statement on it. Hopefully, we will soon release a software fix to resolve the problem

Are you also experiencing the same issue on your Galaxy Note 8? Let us know by commenting below.



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