OPPO Dominates Q3 Shipments In China Despite Xiaomi’s Strong Showing

by Jed John 0

Counterpoint Research has released its quarterly report on the smartphone market in China for the third quarter of 2017. The report comes with lots of surprises but most of all generally bright outlook for the major OEMs in China. Q3 2017witnessed a change of batton as OPPO overtook Huawei to occupy the top spot in market share for the period under review.OPPO

OPPO took the lead with an 18.9% market share, while Huawei and Vivo were neck and neck with each other with 18.6% market shares each.  OPPO also recorded the highest growth Year on  Year as it leapt from 16.5% last year to 18.9%. Fellow BBK subsidiary Vivo also recorded a substantial YoY growth of 2.5%. Xiaomi occupies the fourth spot despite a strong showing in Q3 but it grew from 10.3% share last year to 13.8% this year. U.S phone maker Apple completes the top 5 spot with a 10% share of the market, up from 8.5% last year.

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While the top five brand experienced growth in their shipment compared to Q3 2016, the story isn’t the same for the other brands in China, including Samsung, whose cumulative growth in Q3 last year fell from 26.8% to  17.5% for this year. Tist isn’t a positive outlook as it shows the boom in the industry isn’t felt by all OEMs in China. There isn’t any indication that will change in Q4 as the quintet might continue their dominance with a lot of new, sleek models already released and even some more coming before the end of the year.