Here’s How To Watch The OnePlus 5T Launch Live Online

by Jed John 1

OnePlus will be going live with the OnePlus 5T in less than an hour’s time in a ceremony holding in New York. We all can’t be in New York and besides, it is a ticketed event that is already sold out. You shouldn’t bother about catching a glimpse of the launch event first hand as you can do that online. OnePlus will Livestream the launch event to the entire world and you too can watch the event live from below.

While we thought we had seen all that the OP 5T has to offer via leaked videos and photos, OnePlus released a video earlier today which captured the exhilarating reactions of four people who were seeing the OnePlus 5T in real life for the first time. We assume the reactions are genuine and not stage-managed. If that be the case, the video suggests the full-view display design will be more captivating than what we’ve seen via leaked renders and photos. OnePlus kept the photo of the device pixelated in the entire video, thus keeping us wondering what the device actually looks like in real life. In that case, you wouldn’t want to miss the event as the flagship 5T gets unwrapped. You’ll get a first-hand view of the device as it is unmasked and when that happens, we’ll find out if it is a hit or miss. We hope it turns out to be a big hit, though.

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The OnePlus 5T launch Livestream can also be watched from here.