Meizu 15 Plus (and Meizu 15) Anniversary Phone launching Next Year

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu will be 15 years next year and to celebrate it, it will release a special flagship or rather two special flagships. Founder and CEO of the Chinese manufacturer Jack Wong (Huang Zhang) took to Weibo to reveal the name of the phone by posting the picture of a phone’s retail box with Meizu 15 Plus inscribed on it.

The “Plus” in the name means there will most probably be a second variant called the Meizu 15.

MEIZU 15 Plus

The Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus are expected to feature full-screen displays and may likely be the first from Meizu to do so. Meizu is more or less the only major Chinese manufacturer without a full-screen phone at the moment.

Meizu’s CEO said in a different post that manufacturing the phone is taking long, so it will be launched next year Spring (probably before or after the Spring Festival), which is around mid-February.

Meizu was founded in 2003 and began as a manufacturer of MP3 players before switching to MP4 players in 2006. It didn’t begin making smartphones until 2008. So not only is next year its 15th anniversary, it is also its 10th year anniversary as a smartphone manufacturer.

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Meizu has added other products to its lineup other than phones. It now makes headphones, power banks, smartbands, Bluetooth speakers, and even has an android TV box and a lifestyle line that makes bags.