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Xiaomi Mi 7 with Wireless Charging to Enter Production in February 2018

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 13

Before the launch of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple had joined Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to enable wireless charging on these iPhones. When Xiaomi had enrolled with WPC in September this year, the rumor mill started speculating that Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship phone may carry support for Qi standard wireless charging. Fresh information claims that Xiaomi Mi 7 will feature wireless charging and its trial production will begin before China’s Sprint Festival.

According to Chinese media, since Xiaomi is rumored to be using the same foundry as Apple for wireless charging, it is unlikely to encounter product quality or supply issue for bringing wireless charging feature on the Mi 7. It is likely that the Mi 7 may feature the same Broadcom chip and NXP transmitter that enables wireless charging feature on the 2017 iPhones.

Speculations are rife that Xiaomi will be announcing the Mi 7 in March next year. Hence, it is ramping up the trail production before Feb. 16 Sprint Festival day in a bid to build up abundant stock of Mi 7.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver

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The arrival of wireless charging on Xiaomi Mi 7 could mean that it will feature a glass chassis. The inclusion of Qi charging on Mi 7 indicates that users will be able to refill its battery wirelessly by placing the phone on a wireless charging bed. The Mi 7 is rumored to arrive with a 6-inch AMOLED screen by Samsung and it will be fueled by Snapdragon 845 chipset.

The SoC is rumored to be accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. It is speculated to come with a pair of f/1.7 aperture 16-megapixel rear-facing camera sensors. It is likely to feature the same 3,350mAh battery that is present on the Mi 6 smartphone. It is also speculated to feature 3D facial recognition feature. It is likely to carry a starting price of 2,699 Yuan. After getting announced in March, the smartphone may hit the market in April.




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  • I loved the Xiaomi Mi 5, so compact and lightweight – only 129 grams. They’ve been getting heavier ever since, the Mi 6 is way too heavy. Now we are hearing that the Mi 7 might have a 6 inch display or thereabouts. Well, I won’t be buying one if so. There are too many large phones already.

    • MaxPower

      They are shrinking the bezels so the footprint would probably be closer to an older 5.5″

      • Yes, but I like phones that are under 70 mm wide for ease of holding.

        • MaxPower

          The trend is going to bigger phones, your have few options right now but honestly I don’t know if it will last much longer.

    • loller

      Man I will stick to my Xiaomi mi5 another year probably.. best Xiaomi since mi2s.
      I hope we go 5.5′ 18:9 display on mi7 and 150g max with 3500mah batt.

      • I agree, I had an Mi5 for about a year before selling it. It was the best phone I ever had, sorry I didn’t keep it. Perfect compactness and power combo. The Mi6 was way too heavy for my liking.

  • MaxPower

    Finally Xiaomi is going to the right direction.
    They should start including more LTE bands, there are really few excuses. Make a Chinese/Indian version without bands and another, slightly more expensive, international version with all the bands.
    Make a small batch, see how it goes, learn from that.

    • NextHype

      Every latest phone from the Millet already have an international version, or am I missing something ? Mi6, Mix 2, Note 2, Redmi Note 4 etc…

      I Just bought a Redmi Note 4 international version for my GF. Every LTE band is in here plus SD625 for less than 150€ with continental shipment… fully functional at launch, no shitty APN parameters whatsoever, can’t beat that.

      Except we won’t be able to pull the “B20” joke on Xiaomi anymore -_-

      • NextHype

        oops sorry, just a misunderstanding : international version of a Xiaomi device means you got google apps and language packs.

        Xiaomi’s broad LTE coverage devices are called “global”, and there isn’t any global Mi6 for instance. That’s why I bought a global version, not an international version of RN4 ^^

        So… you’re right, they should generalize global versions for every device they launch from now on xD

        • MaxPower

          Hey, maybe they are trying and it’s not working. Who knows?!?
          They added the bands to Note 2 like you correctly pointed out, but then they are missing in their Note 3.
          They have the numbers to analyze and decide what works and what doesn’t.

          I’ve been following the Chinese market for a while now and I have been an active commenter on these fora.
          Many people already know that I’m a big Xiaomi and MIUI fan, I can’t hide it, but the lack of LTE is becoming a deal breaker for me.

          LTE is expensive in the US and I don’t like to spend a lot of money and don’t take any advantage of it.
          I bought my new phone a week ago,I was eying the MIX 2 due to its LTE capabilities but I really don’t like a bezelless phone so I ended up buying the OP5T.
          I’ll stick with OnePlus until Xiaomi will decide to take care of their customers outside India and China.

          • NextHype

            Xiaomi entering the Spanish market could mean more global versions from now on. I don’t expect them to sell devices with B1, B3, B5, B7,B8 FDD-LTE bands to european consumers, but we’ll see ^^

            BTW congrats for your OP5T, looks like a pretty nice phone.

      • MaxPower

        Your are missing something indeed.
        MI 6 (the latest MI serie) supports B1, B3, B5, B7,B8.
        So no B20 for Europe and no US band either.

        Note 2 isn’t the latest, the Note 3 is, and again, it supports B1,B3,B5,B7,B8.
        No B20 and no US LTE bands.

        “Some random phone here and there” would be more appropriate while describing their coverage of LTE bands.

        Bringing the bargain price of your GF phone doesn’t really add anything valuable to the conversation. I’ve been a Xiaomi loyal customer since 2013 owning a redmi 1S, MI3, MI4, MI5S plus, redmi Note 3 pro, so I’m not here to talk about Xiaomi in a derogatory way.

        There are only a couple of choices for Intl customers for now, hopefully it will change soon starting from MI7

        • NextHype

          I was just getting confused by the “international version” versus “global version” terminology. Like you, it seems, since you wrote about “international version” in your first post while you were probably thinking of what Xiaomi call a “global version” (with broader LTE coverage).

          I was only mentioning the RNP4 purchase to bring the fact that Xiaomi already offers good bargains to european consumers, even if every device they sell doesn’t come in “global version”.

          From my point of view, Xiaomi sell a lot of different devices, some are really interesting, some others are dull. If only their “best” devices came in “global version” we should be satisfied as consumers, as they can keep their dullest devices for China only xD