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Meizu 15 Plus Image Leaks: Similar Design To Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, ¥3499 Price

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Meizu will be 15 years next year and to celebrate its anniversary it will release a special edition phone. The only info we had until today of the phone, called the Meizu 15 Plus, is its release which is scheduled for Spring, and an image of its retail box. However, an image surfaced online today, giving us our first look at the upcoming flagship phone as well as revealing the price.

Meizu 15 Plus

According to what’s in the image above, the Meizu 15 Plus will have a full-screen display with a tri-bezel-less design similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. The top bezel is super thin and doesn’t look like it houses the earpiece, but we can’t confirm it doesn’t have one until a clearer image surfaces.

The front camera and sensors are now housed on the lower bezel but they are not the only ones there. Rather than push the fingerprint scanner to the back like other manufacturers, Meizu has kept the mBack button in its usual position.

The back of the phone shows that the Meizu 15 Plus will come with dual rear cameras positioned vertically in the middle. Below the sensors is a flash and laser focus module in a ring design like that of the Meizu PRO 6. There is also the Meizu branding a few mm from the camera setup and an antenna line at the bottom.

The image also reveals the price of the phone. There are two prices which means there will be two variants that will most likely differ with respect to storage and probably RAM too.

The more expensive variant will cost ¥3499 (~$528) and the less expensive variant is said to be ¥2999 (~$453), which makes sense even though we can’t see the first figure.

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There are still a bunch of important details we do not know such as the screen size, the processor type, and the camera configuration. Over the course of the next few weeks, we believe more info will be released.

What do you think of the design of the Meizu 15 Plus, hit or miss?





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  • Flavi

    I don’t mind getting all the huge bezels in exchange for a great design like the HTC M8 and a great camera like Google Camera with HDR+. But that’s just me.

    • Billy Williams

      you shouldn’t expect a good camera from Meizu. lol.

      • Arimas Artadi

        is it that bad?
        I never use meizu device

        • Billy Williams

          I gave a loner response to you but it was deleted. If you want the best that Meizu has made, then try for the Meizu Pro 6s. It a high quality shooter in some areas, everything else will let you down.

      • Oscar

        Where did you get this information from? Meizu phones have really good cameras, I’ve owned 4 Meizus and the MX4 was one of those cameras ahead of its time. It had full manual controls and shot some amazing pictures. If you’ve only ever owned the budget Meizus then dont judge the whole range of meizus as bad. Get hold of a flagship.

        • Billy Williams

          Sadly, one of the editors deleted my next comment were I explained exactly WHY i said this. I even added links to DXO to demonstrate my conclusion. I guess they don’t like that kind of stuff. Eitherway, to make a long story short, I had the Meizu Pro 6s, which was by far their best phone in terms of camera quality. Then they followed it with the Meizu Pro 7 which was a huge downgrade from the 6s. Everything else they have released has been subpar and not worth mentioning. The MX4 was part of that sup par camera crew. Having manual mode didn’t make up for the poor optimization of their camera software. They tend to use decent to good quality hardware, they just don’t optimize it to the level that it needs in order to consider it “really good”

          • Naveen Singh

            Billy, I have to say you’ve wrongly judged meizu. I used mx5, it was the best camera at that time within it’s price category. I was very happy with mx5, and that too after getting Flyme 5 and 6. Flyme 4 attracted me, but it was full of bugs, then Flyme 5 came and Flyme 6. Flyme 6 has changed the mindset of people who didn’t liked meizu phone.

  • loller

    And will come with X30/P30 so…no