Meizu Registers New Domain, At Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information

by Habeeb Onawole 0

In the last few weeks more proof of Meizu rebranding the Blue Charm division to mBlu has showed up online. There is the earphones with the mblu name, then the renaming of the Charm Blue website to, and also the switch to a new logo.

However, the first official confirmation comes from a recent domain registration at the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Mblu Domain registration

The new domain – was registered at the ministry on November 28 alongside two others – and All three domains were registered by Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co. which is the full name of the company.

Earlier this year, Meizu split the company into three divisions – Meizu, Blue Charm, and Flyme. The Blue Charm division will focus on its mid-range and entry level devices in addition to mobile accessories.

Sources say the Meizu M6 Note is the last mid-range phone to bear the Meizu name. Subsequent models will instead be launched under the mblu name.

The Blue Charm brand was formed three years ago on December 18, so there is a possibility that Meizu may have an official unveiling of the “new brand” next week. At the moment, the three registered domains are not active.

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The tradition of having a sub-division isn’t new. There are a number of Chinese manufacturers that have had one for years. The two examples that come to mind are ZTE’s Nubia and Huawei’s  Honor division.