Nanfu Releases A Dedicated iPhone X Wireless Charger For $10

by Jed John 0

The booming smartphone industry today owes a lot of its growth to Apple’s iPhones. The iPhones have always led the trend in mobile phones and that has continued with the latest iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and X both come with wireless charging as one of its features. As usual, third-party manufacturers of wireless chargers are catching in on this.Nanfu air charge

One of such is the Nanfu Shot has introduced the world’s first crystal diamond wireless charger for the iPhone X. The awesome thing about this is that the charger is priced at just 69 Yuan (~$10). Apple is yet to release its official AirPower wireless charger is expected to be released next year and should be priced as high as 1000 Yuan. Also, the recommended third-party wireless charger on Apple’s official website is priced at 498 Yuan.Nanfu wireless charger

But for just 69 Yuan (~$10), you can get this charger which is specifically designed for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 as it is built around the iPhone’s power management chip. Thus, it can charge the iPhones without overheating. It is also designed to protect the battery. The product is also touted to be based on the iPhone X/8’s receiver coil, utilizing pure copper transmitter coil and could deliver safe and fast charge. Just an hour of charge is said to be able to deliver up to one full day usage. The charger comes with an elegant white design. The bottom utilizes a silicone mat on the floor. There are three LED indicators which clearly show the charging status.

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The Nanfu Wireless Charger is presently available on Nanfu’s official flagship store on Lynx for just 69 Yuan (~$10). We don’t know if this will be available outside of China anytime soon.

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