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Xiaomi And Huawei Are Heading To U.S. Soon, Rivaling Apple

by Jed John 2

The battle for market shares in the smartphone industry is about to be taken to a new terrain. Bloomberg reports that Xiaomi and Huawei are set to challenge Apple on home turf in the U.S. This is coming after both companies alongside other Chineses OEMs like OPPO and Vivo successfully edgedApple out of the top five manufacturers in China.Apple

The U.S market is mainly dependent on network carriers and that was why Huawei’s previous attempts at making a foray into the market met a brick wall. But the report hints that Huawei and Xiaomi are presently in talks with U.S wireless providers on how to sell their flagship smartphones to consumers in the U.S as early as next year. Both companies are said to be in talks with AT&T and Verizon and there is no assurance yet if a deal will be sealed soon. An earlier report had claimed that AT&T will sell Huawei’s latest flagship Mate 10 but there has been no news on that till

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Apple is presently the leading smartphone seller in the U.S but sales in China has waned drastically. The company’s growth in the U.S has been supported by a strong support from mobile carriers which usually subsidize the prices of iPhones with repayment plans spread over several months. It remains to be seen if a deal would be sealed with the U.S carriers, thus opening up the market to the Chinese duo.


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  • RF9

    Huawei makes some nice stuff. This could disrupt the market. I’d never buy it but I bet a lot of people would. I suspect it’ll hit Samsung harder than Apple.

    • Billy Williams

      This is true, This is why analysts have predicted next year to be a slight down year for Samsung. No one who buys apple is affected by Huawei and Xiaomi coming to the US. Those people have Macbooks, Ipads, Air Pods, Apple TV’s and Apple Watches. They are heavily investing in Apple, they aren’t just going to buy a random android device that makes all of those Apple devices incompatible. Samsung however is going to be in some trouble real soon. Because Xiaomi makes products in a huge range that head to head compete with them. They have an entire smarthome segment with hundreds of items that directly compete against Samsung. Huawei makes phones that directly compete against Samsung…they make the Huawei Watch which directly competes against the Gear S3. They do all this at a price point that Samsung can’t match. I look forward to what we get from the P11 which i expect to be Apple looks and quality for the Android people. Which should have a huge market.