[GIVEAWAY] Microwear H5 is a feature-packed smartwatch on a budget!

by Linus 2

We enter 2018 and the market of smartwatches will be pretty crowded. Microwear has made quite a few smartwatches over the time and the H5 is one of the latest models. It packs a ton of features for a promotional price of just $89.99!

As most of the Microwear smartwatches, the H5 is packed with features. It packs a Mediatek MT7637 chipset that is still used in quite a few budget smartphones. Speaking of phones, this watch supports 4G networking since it has a dedicated SIM card slot for calls, Internet browsing and so on.

In addition, the watch sports some other cool features like GPS, 5MP camera, 8GB of internal storage, Wifi, heart rate sensor and so on. Android 6.0 is running the show.

Furthermore, the H5 has a 1.54″ touchscreen display.

We think that Microwear H5 packs ton of features for a promotional price of just $89.99 and we do recommend you to check it out.

Microwear Official page