Xiaomi Crowdfunds Children’s Sports Shoes Priced At Just 169 Yuan (~$26)

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi has kickstarted its product launch for the year 2018 under the MIJIA crowdfunding platform and already we have covered the launch of a few crowdfunding products, the 147th being the Smart Female Thermometer. The Chinese tech giant has now launched its 148th crowdfunding product and it is a pair of Children Sports Shoes that comes in with a price tag of just 169 Yuan (~$26).Xiaomi Children Sports Shoes

A first look at the pictures of the Children sports shoes gives a clear impression of the topnotch quality it exudes.This is in line with the strict quality control at play for products not manufactured directly by Xiaomi but launched under its crowdfunding platform.

The Xiaomi Children Sports Shoes comes with a spongy sole which has shock absorbing capability. This feature helps protect the children’s knees and take care of the development of their feet. The sole has a honeycomb design and also has more anti-slip properties. The heels are shaped like horseshoes in order to give the kids some stability while walking or running. The side of the shoe is made of a lacquered perforated two-colour woven material. The back is also designed and covered with a reflective material which has a maximum reflective brightness that can be seen 50 meters away. This ensures the kids can safely be seen by commuters while walking at night.Xiaomi Children Sports Shoes

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The Children Sports Shoes is presently up for funding at Mi home and it costs just 169 Yuan (~$26). The XiaomiChildren Sports Shoe is similar in design to that of Nike and Adidas but it is 3-4 times cheaper than the two.

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