Samsung Was The Most Cloned Smartphone Brand in 2017: AnTuTu’s Special Report

by Jed John 0

Most people have had the experience or heard the story from someone who has fallen victim to sellers of cloned smartphones. They are almost in all major cities, on the busy street corner where they offer buyers the latest iPhone or Samsung at rock bottom prices. This offer sweeps some out of their feet and before they realize the phone isn’t real, the seller is gone. Well, AnTuTu has released as part of their annual smartphone data, a list of the top most cloned smartphones.

The data was for 2017 and it contains among other things, a distribution chart of cloned smartphones according to the affected brand. AnTuTu claims that an estimated 17,424,726 mobile phones were shipped in 2017 and out that tall figure, cloned smartphone accounted for 2.64%. Of course, who would want to clone a relatively unknown brand? So, it is no surprise that Samsung emerged as the most clone brand last year with a cumulative total of 36.23%. Apart from being the world’s top smartphone maker, Samsung also happened to have released a couple of stunning models last year. But the most cloned model last year is revealed as the Galaxy S7 Edge Europe edition. The China version of the Galaxy S7 Edge emerges as the second most cloned phone. Other Samsung models that were cloned last year include the Galaxy W2016, Galaxy W2017, Galaxy S8+

Apple is also another brand that suffers from cloning, especially in markets like China where iPhones are in hot demand. Apple ranked second with 7.72% and quite interesting is the discovery that most of the iPhone clones are usually equipped with Android OS. The iPhone 7 Plus is the most faked iPhone last year, ranking among the top 10 most faked smartphones of 2017 as compiled by AnTuTu.Samsung

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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi also ranked as the third most cloned smartphone brand with 4.75%. This is closely followed by OPPO with 4.46% and Huawei with 3.40%.


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