Xiaomi Teases New Camera-Based Product Launching February 1

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi’s Mi Home will on Thursday, February 1, launch its 153rd crowd-funded product. Little is known about the product save for a few hints from the teaser poster and Weibo posts.

Mi Home 153rd teaser poster

The teaser poster hints at a camera related product as a rough translation of the text on it has the phrases “human eye” and “120 frames/second”. The Weibo post also has the same words in addition to “AR” and “photos”. The hints do not end there.

The teaser poster was also shared by Shanghai Hantu Technology (XPRINT), a top company in China’s VR industry. From their own posts we able to make out the words “AR technology”, “photo”, “mobile phone” and “video”.

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Our guess is that the product is a sort of portable printer that uses AR technology to let you embed a video inside the printed photograph. Once you point your phone at the photograph, it plays a short video of the events leading to when the photo was taken.

We guess we have to wait till Thursday to know if we are right.

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