Microsoft Lumia 950 Gets Windows 10 For ARM Thanks To A Hacker’s Work

by Michele Ingelido 0

Ever since Windows 10 Mobile existed, many people’s dream was to transcend this operating system’s limitation and install the full desktop version of the OS. Now that the Mobile OS is dead and Microsoft announced that there will be no more feature updates and no more builds for Insiders, the desire to install the desktop operating system is even stronger for those who still own a Windows mobile handset.

A hacker who is identified on Twitter with the nickname Blaze_CW has just installed the recently announced Windows 10 for ARM on a Microsoft Lumia 950: now, he can enjoy a full desktop experience on his almost obsolete mobile device. This has made people hopeful for the old Microsoft Lumia devices in becoming useful again. Unfortunately, at this moment we do not know whether the operating system ported on the Lumia 950 is usable or whether it is too unstable. The version of the OS installed on the Lumia 950 is Windows 10.0.16299.15 for ARM.

Some are already speculating that, maybe, when Microsoft will launch Windows Core OS, Lumia devices will be given new life with a brand new and useful operating system. At this moment the Windows 10 Mobile situation is critical: with no updates and with developers losing interest for an abandoned platform, it can be defined a dead operating system.