First Official Renders Of Android Go’s Nokia 1 & Android One’s Nokia 7 Plus, Teases Release Date

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Back in December, an unpacked Nokia Camera app revealed a list of Nokia phones consisting of released models and some unreleased ones. Belonging to the latter category is the Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 4, and Nokia 1.

The Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1 have appeared in the news more times since their first reveal and today we get to see the first official renders of both devices thanks to Evan Blass.

Nokia 7 Plus Android One

Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus is familiar as it has appeared in a few leaked photos before but this new leak is much more different as it reveals a key info.

This new render reveals the Nokia 7 Plus will be an Android One device! Guess you didn’t see that coming.

Since, Nokia phones sold in China run a different version of Android from those sold in other countries, it is safe to presume that the Nokia 7 Plus that will be sold there won’t be the Android One variant which is why we didn’t know about it before.

So those first leaked images we saw of the Nokia 7 Plus which also listed the specs are those of the Chinese variant while this Android One Nokia 7 Plus is the international variant that will be sold outside China.

The Nokia 7 Plus is shown in white in the image above with orange accents around the dual Carl Zeiss lenses, the fingerprint scanner, and the display. The Nokia logo and the physical buttons are also orange.

We also get a closer look at the 18:9 display of the phone. As you can see, the corners are rounded.


Nokia 1 Red

Nokia 1

While the Nokia 7 Plus is an Android One phone, the Nokia 1 is rumored to be an Android Go phone. Android Go or Android Oreo (Go Edition) is a lightweight version of Android for phones with 1GB RAM or less which is what the Nokia 1 is expected to come with.

From the leaked render we can see the Nokia 1 isn’t going to get shortlisted for its looks. The bezels around the screen which we guess is between 4 – 5 inches are super huge like those on the first Android smartphones from years ago.

Nokia 1 Indigo

There is a front facing camera on the top left corner and beside it is a pill-shaped sensor. Sitting in the middle is the earpiece.

On the rear, the Nokia 1 is shown to have a single rear camera with a large LED flash. The camera sits in the middle of the phone. At the bottom right corner is an opening for the speaker.

While the phone isn’t attractive, it appears to be well made and should be able to take a beating.

The Nokia 1 is shown in two color variants – indigo and bright red. Both variants have silver accents around the bezels and rear camera. The buttons and Nokia logo are also in silver.

Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1 Launch Date

While this may be easy to miss, both phone actually tease their launch dates on the homescreen. For the Nokia 7 Plus, the date is Sunday, February 25, while for the Nokia 1, the date is Monday, February 26.

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Although, MWC 2018 officially begins on the 26th of February, manufacturers already start announcing their phones during the weekend. So you shouldn’t be surprised that the Nokia 7 Plus is launching on a Sunday, plus this is not HMD Global’s first launch on a weekend. The first-gen Nokia 6 was announced on a Sunday too.

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