Get Up To 40% Off On Top Categories Including Smartphones, Tablets And Lots More On GearBest

by Vinay Patel 0

GearBest is offering up to a whopping 40% discount on select tech items as part of its Oscars 2018 promo. These products have been split into multiple categories in a bid to facilitate the search process. Here’s a brief glimpse of each division and what it has to offer.

Best Tablet of the Year

Deemed as one of the best tablets of the year by GearBest, the Wi-Fi version of Lenovo P8 (TAB3 8 Plus) tablet PC is currently up for grabs for only $147.99 in this category. This is a 19% reduction in the device’s original selling price. However, the promo is slated to end in 2 days and there were only 80 pieces left at the time of writing.
Moreover, the site is giving a 2% discount on ALLDOCUBE iPlay 8 tablet PC, which brings its selling price down to only $82.51. On top of that, you can use coupon code ‘FRCUBE01’ at the time of checking out to further decrease your subtotal to just $69.99.

Electronic Device of the Year

Carrying a Flash Sale price of $18.99, the original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones have been included in this category. The golden and silver color versions of the item will be bearing this slashed price tag for a short duration.

GearBest has offered a 41% off on the Xiaomi-branded earphones’ original selling price of $32.19. The discount is valid for 13 days and there were 486 pieces left at the time of writing.

Aside from that, you can get 25% off on HUAWEI Band 3 smart band, which will be carrying a Flash Sale price of $35.99 for 3 more days. However, it is imperative for you to bear in mind that there were only 177 pieces left.

Best 3D Printer of the Year

You can get your hands on the Anet A8 Desktop 3D printer at a discounted price of $159.99 before the promo wraps up in 4 days. GearBest is giving a 14% off on the device’s original asking price of $185.17, but the discount will be valid only for the remaining 35 pieces.

There’s a 2% off on the JGAURORA A3S DIY 3D Printer, which sells for $372.54. Thanks to GearBest latest promo, you can now buy it for $364.99 for 3 more days. However, the discount will be valid for only 85 pieces that were left at the time of writing.

Best Drone of the Year

You can shop for drones without burning a hole in your pocket in this category. The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Foldable RC Quadcopter which has a steep price tag of $1526.38 is currently available at a discounted price of just $1278.39 on GearBest.

In addition to that, you can bring your subtotal down to only $1059.99 by applying coupon code ‘HKPlatinum’ at the time of checking out. Each item featured in this category is not only up for grabs at a discounted price, but they also come with a coupon code that further decreases its selling price.

Best Phone of the Year

Smartphone enthusiasts have something to cheer about as well. The well-received Xiaomi Mi A1 4G phablet which sells for $274.99 is available for just $219.99, thanks to a 20% discount offered by GearBest.

Likewise, there’s a 34% discount on the $250.40 selling price of the Huawei P9 Lite (VNS – L31) 4G smartphone. As a result, you can buy the phone by shelling out only $165.99 before the promo ends in 3 days.

Computers & Networking

This category is crammed with a slew of computer and networking-related items that you can buy without spending a fortune. In line with this, the Beelink GT1 Ultimate TV Box can be purchased for only $86.99 before the promo ends in 3 days.

You can also purchase Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector, which actually sells for $2671.24 at a discounted price of $1955.00 for 2 days. There were 106 pieces left at the time of writing.

Best Appliance of the Year

The original Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier, which comes bearing a price tag of $153.83, can now be purchased for just $149.99 on GearBest for 5 more days. The Flash Sale will be valid for the remaining 76 pieces.

This section also features Haier U49H7000 Smart TV Netflix, which actually sells for $709.93. With a 27% discount on the original selling price, you can now get your hands on the 49 inch 4K UHD LED TV by shelling out just $517.40.

Best LED Light of the Year

The site is giving 25% off on Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 LED Ceiling Light bringing its selling price of $211.25 down to only $165.99. The promo is scheduled to expire in 3 days and there were only 60 pieces left.

You can also buy Utorch Wake Up Light Touch Sensor Clock LED Bedside Lamp for only $20.99 on GearBest. This is a 36% reduction in the sale price and it will be valid for 3 more days. It’s also worth noting that there were only 143 pieces left at the time of writing.

In order to take advantage of the promo and check out all the products before the promo comes to an end, you can head straight to this link.