Feast Your Eyes On Sample AI Portrait Photos Of The OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition & More Official Images

by Habeeb Onawole 0

OPPO has started counting down to the launch of its new flagships the OPPO R15 and OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition. The manufacturer has taken to its official website to tease features of the upcoming phones. Today it has released sample camera photos in addition to more official pictures of both devices.

OPPO announced that the OPPO R15 duo will come with a new AI portrait mode for better portrait images. The AI portrait mode will improve portrait photos by combining dual camera bokeh and AI beauty mode.

The AI portrait mode will also help with lighting effects such as contour light, shadow light, and studio light. The result of these effects is a more professional-like portrait photo.

Below are sample photos taken with the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition.

OPPO has also released more official photos of both phones. The OPPO R15 is shown in Hot Red, Snow White, and Starry Purple while the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition is shown in red only. It appears the ceramic black version will not be available at launch.

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Can’t tell the difference between the Hot Red OPPO R15 and the red Dream Mirror Edition? Look at the rear cameras, you’ll see it is slightly raised on the latter unlike that of the Hot Red OPPO R15 which is flush with the body.





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