OPPO R15 Camera Specs Confirmed: New Gen. Sony IMX519 Sensor, 1.22um Pixel Size & More

by Jed John 0

Just recently we brought you a couple of official camera samples shot by the powerful sensors of the OPPO R15. While the camera samples look awesome, we still don’t know exactly the hardware at play inside the R15. Well, until now. OPPO has revealed the camera specifications of the OPPO R15 and it comes with a surprise hardware.OPPO R15

Among the top of the line camera specs included on the R15 is Sony IMX519 sensor. The IMX519 is the latest generation of Sony’s flagship image sensors. The sensor comes with up to 100% increase in frame rate compared to previous generations. It also has faster shooting and more accurate capture. The sensor also features a large 1.22um Pixel size and a 1/2.6-inch sensor size. With this configuration, the main camera is well suited for night captures, churning out clearer shots with less image noise. The camera sensor also supports 60fps shooting. Thanks to the IMX519’s latest sensor, the OPPO R15 achieves double speed in terms of shooting speed and sensitivity.OPPO R15 camera specs

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When compared to the flagship Sony IMX398 sensor, the IMX519 1/2.6-inch sensor size is 7.7% larger. The Pixel size is also increased from 1.12um to 1.22um, which represents an 18.7% increase. This is yet another first for OPPO and apart from this, both the front and rear cameras also come integrated with AI beauty feature for optimized captures.

(source)OPPO R15