Honor 9 and V9 Will Soon Get Face Unlock, Says Honor President

by Michele Ingelido 0

Honor 9 and V9 (V9 is the Chinese name for the Honor 8 Pro) were among the last Huawei devices featuring a standard 16:9 display. One of the main disadvantages of the latest full-screen Honor devices was the absence of the fingerprint reader on the front. The company had to place it on the back since there is no space on the front panel due to the bezel-less displays.

Honor 9
Honor 9

So, in order to make authentication more comfortable, the company has decided to bring Face Unlock on several of its devices. And soon even Honor 9 and V9 will get this feature. The confirmation has just arrived from Honor President Zhao Ming who announced that both these handsets will receive Face Unlock through a post on the microblogging platform Weibo.

The date on which the Face Unlock update will be rolled out has not been unveiled, but from the words of the President, we can understand that it should happen very soon. The software-based Face Unlock which will arrive on the Honor 9, V9 is not as safe as the Face ID found on the Apple iPhone X which relies on a hardware sensor. But it is still a fast and very comfortable method to unlock our handsets.