Future iPhones May Come With Curved Displays and In-The-Air Gesture Control: Report

by Michele Ingelido 0

Apple could be planning to revolutionize the smartphone world. According to a new report shared by Bloomberg, future iPhones will come with very innovative technologies which will totally change the way we interact with our handsets. Within two or three years we could see the first Apple iPhone with an internally curved display. From what Bloomberg suggests, the display will be curved inward.

iphone x copy

So it will be not the same kind of curvature that we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S flagships of the last years. It may be something similar to the old LG G Flex. Further, Apple is said to be working on a technology which will allow users to interact with their iPhones through in-the-air gestures. Thanks to this new technology, it will not be necessary to touch the display anymore in order to use the device.

The user would have to just hover his finger near the display and draw gestures. After the mouse introduced by Apple more than 20 years ago and the 3D Touch technology launched with iPhone 6s, this new technology may be another revolutionary input method and, if it works good, it may be adopted by many other brands.

Would you like to control your phone through in-the-air touch-less gestures like a wizard or you prefer the traditional touchscreen?