You May Soon Be Able to Buy Custom Cases From Samsung’s Theme Store

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Google’s Live Cases are cases specially designed for/by you for your Pixel phone. A Live Case app which requests for a unique code on the case also sets your phone’s wallpaper to what’s on your case. Nice, right? It appears Samsung will be offering something similar soon.

Samsung 2-piece Cover Case

Some folks at XDA discovered the new development in the latest version of Samsung’s Theme Store app. It is said that the cases will be linked to themes on the store. They will come with a NFC chip that automatically changes the theme of the phone to the theme on the case.

However, there is no confirmation as to the level of customization users will have if they want a case. Google lets users use their own photos or select their favorite locations in case of Places Live Cases. Even those offered by partnered artists can be customized to a certain level.

Samsung Custom Theme Case

The screenshot above shows that Samsung is also going to partner with third parties and they will handle the entire process from order, to payment, to delivery and even refunds.

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Codes in the app revealed that the cases will be available for the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy A series. But there is still no date of availability yet. Though it won’t be much of a surprise if it is official in Samsung’s home country first before other markets.

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