Xiaomi Wireless Charger Unboxing & Teardown – What Lies Inside?

by Jed John 0

During the launch of the Mi Mix 2s on March 27, Xiaomi also unveiled a new Mi wireless charging pad which works for the Mi Mix 2s and other phones like the Galaxy S series and iPhones supporting wireless charging. For the avoidance of doubt, the Mi Mix 2s is the first Xiaomi model to feature support for wireless charging.Xiaomi Wireless Charger

The Mi Wireless charging pad utilises the popular Qi wireless charging standard. It uses the normal 5W rating and a 7.5W fast charge rating and has a 5V 2A and 9V 2A rating. The wireless charger also comes with protection from extreme temperatures and high current as well as foreign body detection.

The Xiaomi Wireless charger is only indicated for use on the Mi Mix 2s, according to the product details on the body of the packaging box. The retail box only houses the wireless charger and a quick starter guide. There is no data cable or an adapter inside

Design wise, the wireless charging dock comes with a white coloured body devoid of any text. The shell is made of plastic while the upper surface is covered with a  layer of thick silica gel through a process similar to secondary injection moulding. As a result of the silica gel, the surface is soft to touch with the hand. It also gives it an anti-slip feature both at the top and bottom but the bottom one uses a rubber pad to create an anti-slip feature. The charging pad is potable with a radius of 47mm and thickness of 12.44mm. It uses a USB-C input interface and supports 5V2A / 9V2A input. There is also a green indicator light at the side of the wireless charger. The light stays on during normal charging while it flashes when the device is in protection mode.Xiaomi Wireless Charger

Coming to the teardown, the wireless charging pad is held together by four screws. The screws are hidden under the for rubber pad at the base. Opening up the device reveals a very simple build. The top aspect could be seen with a plastic outer body and the silicon gel surface in the middle moulded with the plastic. The bottom surface is entirely composed of plastic material. All the parts are mounted at the bottom of the cover. Xiaomi Wireless Charger

The internal components consist of a PCB board and a metal heat conducting block underneath. The conducting block spreads the heat and distributes it to avoid accumulation of too much heat. The internal is translucent and this is achieved using a black light-proof adhesive sheet underneath to prevent light leakage. The USB type-C female port is firmly welded at four different points to the PCB. The metal heat sink is fixed by clips to the PCB  and has screw points which hold it to the plastic casing. 

The charging coil is located at the middle, just above the PCB and it is soldered to the borad at two points. There is also a temperature sensor which detects high temperature and the charging pad goes into protective mode. The temperature probe is placed in the middle of the coil to measure the temperature. The coils have a high saturation degree of solder joints, flat side-mount chip LEDs, and the temperature sensor pad is glued to avoid vibrations.Xiaomi Wireless Charger

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In all, the Xiaomi Wireless Charger has a minimalist and simple design and for a device that measures up to Apple’s wireless charger 7.5W fast charging output, the device is nicely priced at 99 Yuan ($15). We feel it is worth buying since its usage is broad and not limited to the Mi Mix 2s.